Intelligent Tyres Will Automatically Weigh Your Vehicle So You Never Overpack

Continental already sells tyres packed with monitors that keep tabs on air pressure, automatically letting you know when it gets too low. But the company is planning to expand that technology with improved tyre sensors that will actually be able to calculate and report the current load weight of your vehicle so you don't exceed its suggested capacity.

How does it pull off such a feat without turning your garage into a giant scale? As the weight of a vehicle increases, the tyres get smooshed and flatten out, increasing the surface area touching the ground which is known as the contact patch. And by detecting the size of this patch, the sensor's electronics can then determine if the vehicle has been overloaded, making it dangerous to drive.

The company hasn't given a specific timeline on when these enhanced tyres could be hitting the road. And in order to calculate the weight of the vehicle it would have to be driven about 100m, which makes strategic packing kind of difficult. But if it also means you don't destroy your tyres or suspension on a road trip, it could be worth the upgrade.

[Continental via Gizmag]

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