How To Watch The IT Pricing Inquiry Live

How To Watch The IT Pricing Inquiry Live

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft are set to appear before the Parliamentary Inquiry into IT Pricing today to face a drilling from the Government on why they charge so much for gadgets and software in Australia. Here’s how you can watch every minute live.

Only three companies are slated to appear today from the three main Australia Tax offenders: Apple, Adobe and Microsoft in that order. Each will face a 90-minute grilling.

First up on the docket is Apple at 9:30am AEDT, followed by Adobe at 11:30am AEDT and Microsoft to finish up the day from 1pm AEDT onwards.

We’ll be covering the event live, but to watch along with us, you can stream the sessions from the Parliament’s website. Just head over here and watch a live video stream or just simply listen to the live audio stream from 9:30am AEDT onwards.

What questions do you want answered in the Australia Tax Inquiry?