Here Are The Specs Of What Is Probably The Samsung Galaxy S IV

We've seen pictures and video of the Samsung Galaxy S IV already but we haven't seen it like this. In what's probably the clearest pictures of the S IV until it's announced early tomorrow, we get to see what the powerful beast of a phone will look like in all its glory.

Chinese site IT168 are the ones who got their hands on the phone and listed the specs: 1080p 4.99-inch screen. 1.8GHz 8-core chip. 2GB RAM. 16GB storage. MicroSD slot. 2600mAh battery. And only 7.7mm thick and 138 grams heavy.

The phone may also use eye-tracking technology and finger hovering but I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow morning. Check out the whole slate of pictures here. [it168 via Engadget]

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