Graphene Antenna Could Give Us Wireless Terabit Uploads In One Second

Wireless uploads of big files take for-ev-er. But researchers at Georgia Tech University have plans for an antenna made of crazy thin graphene that would let you transfer a whole terabit of data in just one second.

Within a metre, researchers could move a terabit per second, but in theory, from a closer range, you could move as much as 100 terabits a second. That's about 100 HD movies in less time than it takes you make a cup of coffee. Graphene, you crazy.

MIT Technology Review explains how the antenna would be made:

Graphene could be shaped into narrow strips of between 10 and 100 nanometers wide and one micrometer long, allowing it to transmit and receive at the terahertz frequency, which roughly corresponds to those size scales. Electromagnetic waves in the terahertz frequency would then interact with plasmonic waves-oscillations of electrons at the surface of the graphene strip-to send and receive information.

Of course, this is just the preliminary groundwork on a piece of tech that doesn't exactly exist yet. Next the Georgia Tech group will have to figure out manufacturing, and how to make the necessary components -- signal generators, amplifiers and so forth -- so the antennas will actually work. But the thought of lightning-fast wireless downloads is enough to be a little excited for the future. [MIT Technology Review]

Picture: CORE-materials/Flickr

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    1 terabit (128GB) for a movie? You crazy.

    Could be as easy as lining inside of the case of a device. I tell you this next ten years is going to be a fantastic time to be alive, and I've been around since before the start of TV in Australia.. :)

    Leslie, I've waited my second, and I still do not have my terabit upload speeds.


    Yeah, that's exactly what I need...

    All the pixels of the harlem shake beamed with high powered microwaves at terabit speeds to my phone from a wifi spot or radio tower and passing through every cell in my body in the process. And then there's everyone else's phones doing the same thing, making the amount of electromagnetic radiation even worse.

    Please research electromagnetic radiation effects on cellular function, DNA, health.
    A good place to get a handle of the issues would be this video

    Then do your own research and try proving me wrong.

      Oops.. wrong video, this was the one

      And now we give phones to kids, and wifi use is ubiquitous...
      In 1-2 generations, we will see the consequences of this

        "In conclusion, altogether our findings do not support the hypothesis of a detrimental effect of early life exposure to WiFi signals on the maturation of the immune system in mice." Sambucci et al. 2011 (http:/​/​​10.1016/​j.pbiomolbio.2011.08.012).

        A better start would be this scientific journal series: Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Volume 107, Issue 3, Pages 311-482 (December 2011). It focuses specifically on the effect of non-ionising radiation signals on children, and no replicable study could conclude that WiFi-like signals had the kind of damaging effects you suggested above.

        I would say it's far more extensive, reliable and thoughtful than a rant by a single "scientific advisor" speculating about invisible things killing our babies in their cribs.

        Then do your own research and try proving me wrong.

        You asked for it, buddy. Except science doesn't 'prove'. It only has the power to rule out speculative nonsense such as the above beyond reasonable doubt.

    and now in come the coalition saying the NBN is outdated and this is what we should use.. Heh.

      exactly what i was thinking - all you need are the two catchwords - "wireless" and "terabit". No need for NBN, case closed.

        Exactly, all we need now is Alan Jones to go on a rant (again) about how the NBN is outdated before it's completed!

    What about the flux capacitor??????

    Being concerned about sterilizing future generations is not being overdramatic, it's called having a brain. People are too trusting of others to make the right decisions for them, placing their trust in government, corporations or organisations to keep them safe. What nobody seems to realise or care about is that we didn't have mobile phones or wifi 20 years ago, and there are NO long term studies on health effects.

    That's only one aspect of the toxic lifestyle we've decided to embrace with open arms without weighing the potential risks. The simple fact is there are kids being born today that may not be able to produce offspring at all when they reach childbearing age.

    It is really no surprise that fertility has dropped significantly over the past 20 years
    But hindsight is 20/20 and all these studies do nothing to prevent disaster until it is too late, until that happens, everyone will watch as many Harlem Shake videos as possible and be blissfully ignorant of the facts and act surprised when reality hits them.

    As we recklessly embrace technology, we will become as sterile as our technology, a world full of dull mindless clones. Our path to destruction has already begun.

      Actually what may happen is it will produce a human race that's more resistive to these waves/radiation/whatever and then we will be unstoppable!

      "think of it as evolution in action".
      I can't agree more that aspects of our western/capitalist society are riddled with unpleasant behaviour. No controls what so ever when a multinational can make a buck out of it (and avoid local taxes), and ridiculous intrusive involvment elsewhere (marriage equality).
      But dude.
      Find somewhere that has no coverage and move there.
      No phone to ring the paramedics, no social involvement for people isolated from family by circumstance, no electronic money transfers (atm/credit cards/etc)... Sorry, I was going on a rant.
      I think the elephant in the room is where all of our privacy went, not whether you've recieved .0001% higher than background radiation in a given year. Move to Australia (if you're not already) and get extreme UV from 7.30am right through to 5.30pm. Skin cancer here is much more present danger than non-statistically valid increases in cancer from microwaves.
      Oops. Ranting again.
      I'll finish by saying.
      Buy a book and step away from the keyboard.

    why say terabit, and not 128GB?

      Transfer speeds are generally measured by bits rather than bytes.

    i'd love to see what kind of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation would be flying around through our bodies with this technology...

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