Google Australia Needs A New Managing Director, But What Does It Take To Do It?

Google Australia Needs A New Managing Director, But What Does It Take To Do It?

For the last few years, Google’s Australian office has been under the watchful eye of Nick Leeder — an ex-newspaper man and former CEO of News Digital media. Today it has been revealed that Leeder is off to take up a new role within Google France, meaning Google Australia needs a new head. So what does it take to run Google Australia?

AdNews broke the news of Leeder’s departure, before pointing to the new job ad.

The Country Manager position requires a huge level of experience to pursue, even by Google’s high recruiting standards.

The job’s responsibilities include:
• Manage ANZ operations, including the development and execution of the overall ANZ strategy.
• Build an advertising sales operations capability to provide premium service to Google’s top advertisers.
• Contribute strategically to the growth and direction of Google products and services in region. Ensure new product launches are successfully communicated to your local market.
• Establish strong relationships with senior level individuals at advertising agencies, direct advertising clients.
• Meet and exceed ANZ revenue targets. Prospect, qualify, negotiate, and assist team in closing these key accounts; establish activities aimed at increasing Google brand awareness and customer acquisition.

…and to even be considered for the job, you’ll need:

• Bachelor’s degree. In lieu of degree, 20 years of relevant experience.
• Experience and proven ability to drive revenue performance and grow businesses in the ANZ markets.
• Significant sales and general management experience in technology, advertising and/or internet industries.

Sounds tough. Whoever Google gets to run its Australian operations going forward will be a business ninja.

Best wishes to Nick Leeder as he departs for France. [Google via AdNews]