Foxtel's Play: IPTV For Multiple Devices

Foxtel's various IP-delivered subscription services are OK, but they've always had the issue that you pay a slightly lower fee than the standard set top box, but get a lot less flexibility in return. It appears that Foxtel's changing that up with Foxtel Play, an IP-delivered package for multiple devices.

Foxtel Chief Executive Richard Freudenstein announced the Foxtel Play package at the ASTRA conference in Sydney today. Play will mirror the existing IP packages in that there's no particular contract obligation, but it'll apparently be a lot more flexible when it launches in June.

Specifically, for a single subscription fee — not yet clear beyond "starting from $25/month" you'll be able to buy channel packages to watch across multiple devices, rather than the single locked-in device that the current IP packages give you.

It's not yet clear if this will encompass the existing Foxtel on Xbox 360 or Foxtel on Internet TV packages, but you'd have to hope so. There's simply mention of it "expanding" on the existing IPTV solutions. Equally, it's not clear exactly how many devices you'll be able to authorise for Foxtel Play playback. It'll also include access to Foxtel Go package for mobile TV viewing, dependant as with other Foxtel subscribers on which channels you actually subscribe to.

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