Flexible Flat-Pack Furniture That Actually Looks Pretty Comfy

What you gain in convenience when opting for flat-pack furniture from stores like IKEA you lose in comfort. But with a clever enough design it turns out that your flat-pack seating can actually look comfortable and inviting — as South Africa-based Wintec's Stratflex line demonstrates.

At first glance it's hard to believe these contoured curvaceous pieces actually came from a box. But thanks to the use of strips of flexible polymer embedded in the various panels, when disassembled all of the various components will lie completely flat. And by incorporating grids of the flexible polymer into the surfaces where people sit, the seats are actually just as easy on your butt as they are on your eyes.

Now if they only didn't range in price from $US185 for a simple chair, to $US1500 for a three-person love seat.

[Wintec Innovation via Cool Hunting]

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