Facetune: A Simple Editor For Your Selfies

Facetune: A Simple Editor For Your Selfies

Sometimes your smartphone snaps don’t make you look that great. Facetune is there for those occasions when you could use some help in the appearance department.

What does it do?

Lets you edit photos in a simple, intuitive format.

Why do we like it?

There’s always a little tweaking you can do in photos to make you and your friends look better. That might be smoothing out your skin, getting rid of blemishes, editing out that pesky couple of grey hairs and so on. Facetune will give you the tools to do all that and more, and it’s really simple to use — just a few taps and swipes to make you look your best. Because sometimes an Instagram filter just isn’t enough.


Download this app for: iOS ($1.99)
The best part: look your best
The worst part: iOS only