Facebook Testing Obnoxious New iOS Feature That Harasses You To Update

Facebook is notorious for testing all sorts of wild and crazy ideas before implementing them site wide — assuming they ever even make it that far. So for the sake of everyone's sanity, we hope that this newest venture will soon make its way to The Graveyard of Horrible Facebook Features Past and join the others.

Because an iOS notification begging you to post an update (any update!) is perhaps one of the most annoying things Facebook has tried to subject us to yet. Aside from the fact that no one — no one — can possibly be in need of any more phone notifications beeping, buzzing and inducing anxiety in their pocket every five seconds, this feature offers essentially zero benefit to its users.

Your friends won't notice or care that you haven't shared a cat photo in a few days, and a lack of posting on your part means that you're probably out living and enjoying your life. And Facebook can't stand for any of that nonsense. So let us pray that this falls to the wayside, and for the unlucky pool of users forced to suffer under its terror, may God help you all.

[@bijan via Mashable]

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