DrawQuest: Create Masterpieces With Some Daily Inspiration

DrawQuest: Create Masterpieces With Some Daily Inspiration

Like to draw? Great. Have a case of artists’ block? We’ll fix that for you.

What does it do?

It’s a drawing app that gives you prompts to inspire those creative juices of yours. Sometimes it asks you who your favourite super hero is, and you start from scratch. Other times it’ll pose a question (where is she going?) alongside a half-drawn picture (a girl holding an invisible leash) and you have to finish it.

Why do we like it?

Because it’s creative and fun and kind of like DrawSomething except it’s not really a competition. Every day there’s a different quest (or prompt) to complete. And you can get inspired by looking at your friends doodles, and seeing other pictures composed, stroke by stroke. You start with a couple of simple tools — a brush, a marker, an eraser, and a pencil — and some basic colours, and you can unlock more the longer you play. It’s simple and mindless, and sometimes that’s all you need in life.


Download this app for: iPad (free)
The best part: easy to use
The worst part: you’re a horrible artist