Create An Endless Photo Stream So You Can Stalk Your Own Life

If you lived to be 80 you would have lived for more than 41 million minutes. And if you wore a Memoto for your whole life you would have more than 82 million photos to show for it. Which is pretty scary.

Memoto is a lifelogging camera that clips to your shirt and takes two five-megapixel photos a minute of whatever is going on in front of you. The product began as a Kickstarter last October, collecting $US500,000 more than the initial goal of $US50,000. Currently you can preorder a Memoto for $US279, and the company says they will begin shipping units in April. They just released the first sample photos on their blog including the one above.

The price includes a year of cloud storage for the 1.5TB of photo data Memoto can generate per person per year. The camera battery lasts for two days and 8GB of onboard memory can store about 6000 photos. When you plug Memoto into your computer you charge the battery and sync the photos at the same time. All photos can be set as private or public and can be shared through Memoto's mobile app. Memoto is taking off at SXSW, but let's just remember that if you hate people who post photos of their food all the time this is going to make things 365 times worse. [Memoto via Digital Trends]

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