Chromebooks Land In Australia

After years of jealously watching our Ameri-friends getting cheap laptops from Google, Australians can now partake in the spoils! Chromebooks have landed in Australia and they're going to be sold from both retail outlets and online in the Google Play Store.

For the uninitiated, a Chromebook is a cheap laptop from Google that is built by a third-party manufacturer -- in this case, Acer and Samsung -- running Google's own operating system, named ChromeOS.

ChomeOS isn't like your ordinary operating system. It's based entirely around a web browser, with very little emphasis placed on files actually being stored on your physical drive. You don't install software on a ChromeOS machine, you install apps from the Chrome Store. You don't open Office on the Chromebook, you run Google Drive and Google Docs. It's essentially a cloud-based laptop. They aren't pitched as replacements for your existing laptop, rather they're designed to be a secondary device for people who want more out of their mobile computing experience than a tablet can offer without having to spend too much.

The devices have been on sale in the US for a number of years now, but finally, Australians can now get them.

You can pick up an Acer Chromebook C7 for just $299, or you can grab the sexier, thinner Samsung Chromebook for $349. Under $350 for a secondary laptop is pretty impressive in my mind.

Having used the Samsung Chromebook for the last week, I'd be happy to give it a place on my coffee table as my secondary device.

You can get the new Chromebooks from the Google Play Store, from JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman.

As far as the Chromebook Pixel is concerned -- Google's touchscreen, high-resolution model that just launched in the US -- Google Australia has told us it has no plans as of yet to release it in Australia.



    What exactly is a second screen laptop?

      A secondary device to compliment your existing PC. A tablet, netbook or Chromebook.

        I would really love an analysis of how the $350 model compares with similar priced non-chrome laptops.

        $350 isn't much when you're working full time, but as a student I'd love to know whether I'd be better off with one that is less impressive spec-wise but isn't locked into chrome os. Looks like it'd be great for taking lecture notes and browsing the web at uni, but can it run Word / edit webcam video / torrent?

      It's a 2nd laptop.. but in this case it's basically just a screen..

    These looks great, but I just checked the play store and it says they arent available at this time - any word on when they will be available?

    Also - I like your collection of Rubik's Cubes :-D

    Please note.. These are NOT being sold on the Google Play Store.

    Chrome OS is not an operating system based around a web browser, its an operating system based around Linux. While it is true that systems come configured as a cloud based systems, being a UNIX like OS it can be compiled to do anything.

    This article reads more like an advertisement rather than a product review. No mention of SSD support. No mention of crosh command shell. No mention of ARM architecture. No mention of TPM. This is a very biased piece. Gizmodo has gone a long way backwards and I don't think i'll bother with you brand tragics anymore.....

    I'm guessing you primary device is an apple.....

      The article is simply an announcement of the Australian release of Chromebooks. It never claimed to be an in-depth review (which will probably come later). And a biased piece? When the author says "Having used the Samsung Chromebook for the last week, I’d be happy to give it a place on my coffee table as my secondary device."
      So what the hell are you on about?

    Please note..
    no internet

      Well, there's no 3G, but there is wifi, so technically there is Internet :) nowadays, when so many places have free wifi, or you enable personal hotspot on your phone, it's less of an issue. I love my iPad, but there isn't the perfect editor available for it, whereas chrome has a great app that lets me edit all my code stored in google drive, and I think one of these would be pretty cool to do a little coding in my local cafe, not to mention handy for kids to do their school projects etc. I don't want to go to a full laptop, so this would be perfect.

        Hi NickT, what's the name of the app you use to edit code in Google Drive?

          The one I was referring to is Neutron Drive, however I also just noticed that shiftedit now works with Google Drive too (as well as Dropbox). Neutron Drive seems to browse through the Drive files a bit quicker, but it doesn't hurt to keep both installed. Shiftedit has the advantage of running in offline mode too.

      This point really becomes a little invalid when you post it via the internet.

      Give me strength, if you are in an area with no means of connection you cannot use it.

        jeez really!
        If you can't use it because you have no reliable internet connection then don't buy it.
        of course if you are in said location you can't use your phone or tablet either, does that mean you don't buy a phone too?

          Oh OK, yeah your right, carry around two useless things.

    "You can get the new Chromebooks from the Google Play Store, from JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman."
    Really? Can't see them on Google Play, Can't find them at JB.
    Do I really have to go into a HN? Gerry s#!ts me...

    Oh, and the Samsung only has 16gb storage (same as my phone)

    I've been tempted to buy the Samsung Chromebook for a while, but I think more than anything the only reason I want one is because it's so similar to an ultrabook in its build yet it's so cheap. In reality it functions so differently and I don't know if I'd actually end up buying one.

    I bought a Samsung one of these from Amazon UK last year for $320 delivered. So far it's been fantastic as a secondary device to my desktop in my study. I'm pretty committed to Google though, so that's made it more useful. If you use Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc., then it's an excellent additional device. The hardware is fantastic, including the keyboard, touchpad, and screen (matt). My only gripe is that I can't stream videos via DLNA from my WDLXTV device! As soon as this comes in I'll be very happy.

    still not advertised on jb hifi or at google play

    I was just in jb hifi North Sydney and they were just about to install the display unit but didn't have any stock...

      I called Pitt St Mall JB this morning, and while they weren't on display, they apparently had the stock. Harvey Norman, while advertising at 349, was 345 when I out it in my cart, plus I used another $5 credit they gave me for signing up for their newsletter, so works out a few dollars cheaper than JB

    have you seen the price the USA pay for this laptop?
    $100 cheaper! we continue to get ripped off in this country.

    JB Hi-FI link is here:

    Nothing on the google play store (for Australia) as yet.

    Why the heck is this $100 more than in the US???? why why why? I bought in the US at Christmas and love it but they were so hard to get a hold of, sold out everywhere. Now finally we can another one but why is it $100 more in Australia??? so frustrating

    Both are $100 over the US price. I'm writing this from my Samsung Chromebook that I ordered from Amazon US last week. A total of $308 when using ComGateway as a USA Address forwarding agent. It took a total of 8 days from Amazon to my door via ComGateway who use DHL. It would also be slightly cheaper if you choose the non-express shipping option. Don't let Gerry Harvey rip you off!!!!!!!!!!!

    Australia remains rip off capital and everyone condones happily wasting money at stupid retailers like Harvey and jb as if money stinks and full time jobs are so so damn easy to score in Australia.

    Last edited 20/03/13 7:00 am

    For those interested, apparently it is possible to install ubuntu on some of the chromebook models. Haven't googled to find if it's applicable to the models sold here, but considering the popularity I wouldn't be surprised if you can.

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