Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

HTC One Review: The Beauty Is A Beast
There can be only… you know how this finishes, right?

Official Star Wars Tournament Sees Han Solo, Boba Fett Face Off In Deadly Voting Combat
My money’s on Salacious Crumb. What, too soon?

THX Is Suing Apple Over — You Guessed It — Patent Infringement
The lawyers win again!

Dropbox Just Bought Mailbox
New product won’t be called MailDropBoxBox, though.

Blackberry Sells One Million Handsets To Unnamed ‘Partner’
If they’d sold 3.14 million, they could have Blackberry Pi.

25 Famous Toys We Blasted Into Space
One day, Aliens are going to think we were weird…

Google Glass And The Golden Age Of Creepshots
Perving engine or innocent tech?