Bikers Rejoice: You Now Have Your Own (Equally Unaffordable) Lamborghini

Rather bike than drive? Prefer beautiful, totally unattainable things to realistic purchases? Enter the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec, a bike that's as beautiful as it is out of your reach.

A marriage of high-end, custom-made Italian components and a Swiss-made carbon fibre impec frame, this child of a Lamborghini and BMC partnership is a truly premium means of foot-powered conveyance. It is essentially an Aventador in bike form. The worldwide run is limited to 50 bikes in total, and each is made-to-order exclusively through your BMC Switzerland, or, of course, your local Lamborghini dealership.

And how much does it cost? A mere $US32,500, or you know, the price of a car. You'd better hope there's valet parking for bikes; you won't want to leave that hanging out on the street. [BMC-Racing]

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