Are Counterfeit Gadgets Good For A Brand?

Are Counterfeit Gadgets Good For A Brand?

It’s feasible to pick up hokey versions of name brand anything. If you know what you’re getting up front, is that necessarily a bad thing?

That’s the premise of this video, which looks at the prevalence of dodgy goods and their value to a brand based on the value that we (as consumers) give to that brand. Or, in other words, does it matter as much if your (say), Beats headphones are the real deal, or just that they look like them?

From a gadget perspective, it’s an interesting thing. I’ve been known to browse the shelves of knockoff gadget markets purely for the giggles of it, and even reviewed some interesting bootleg gear, but I’d never try to pass the knock-off as the real thing, if only because I’ve never come across a knock-off that wasn’t obviously a bit of a fake when it came to the finer details.

I’m told the same is true around designer fashion, handbags and other commonly faked goods, although those aren’t my particular scenes.

Have you ever knowingly (or unwitting) bought a fake tech gadget, and if so, what did you do with it?

Image: alexkerhead