After Hours App Series: Best Aussie Flirting And Dating Apps

Your smartphone is smart, but can it help you hook up? Here's our picks of the best local apps dedicated to sweet, sweet lurv.

Grindr / Blendr

Grindr and Blendr serve the same basic premise — find somebody nearby to date, flirt with and possibly hook up with — with Grindr being aimed at the Gay and Bisexual community and Blendr for the Straight community.

RSVP Dating

RSVP Dating links in to, allowing you to check your account, search for other interested singles and see who's been peeking at your profile recently.


Oasis is another dating option with worldwide reach, and, like RSVP Dating, an accent on using the functions of the website in a more app-accessible way

Ashley Madison

Already in a relationship and after some action on the side? That's pretty much the mission statement of Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people. The app once again interfaces with the web service, allowing you to send winks to other married folks and check out their profiles.


Skout's mission is a little less flirty and a little more friendly, if that's your thing; it claims a global userbase, so it'd be feasible to be friends with people in Adelaide or Vladivostok simultaneously. Where you go to from there is up to you.

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    No love (excuse the pun) for POF? It's one that I use (almost) daily...

    I have to say, i'm rather against sites like these because in reality it's pretty damn easy to meet women, even just for a casual thing. Most guys either don't try at all, or try some cheezy shit and then wonder why they're not getting anywhere...

    .. That said, the girl in that photo makes a pretty convincing case for it! I need to go into the sea until I calm down..

      lol spoken like a man pretty guy. chances are there are a lot of guys out there who dont want the kind of girl you pick up in a bar. im not implying a slut ratio here or anything but maybe bushwalking is your thing and lets face it you arnt statistically likely to meet someone with a common interest like that in a pub in inner melbourne. swapping around the various walking groups is probably awkward and difficult socially. maybe something like this is helpful.

        The last girl I dated I met at the library. Assumptions like that might be what are holding you, or some other guys back. If bushwalking was your thing, i'd probably try a bushwalking club rather than a pub :P

          im not saying you HAVE to meet people at a pub what im saying is that things like bush walking clubs, maybe airplane model clubs, whatever your into if its a slightly outside the norm or quite manly they tend to be small (less than 15 people per group even if part of a larger network) and if your going to get a decent sample size as it were you would have to move around between them. this basically doesnt allow people who arnt conventionally attractive to break the first barrier which is ... get the fuck away from me... within a reasonable amount if time.

          people do judge on looks first and even if you do get past the first hurdle of looking a bit wierd finding common ground with someone when your ground is Vivaldi and Picasso when your meeting a stranger in an unrelated area is pretty slim. these services allow people to narrow the field and break the barriers.

          plus it sounds like your not married or have a life seeing that your tactic doesnt seem to work that well long term

    I just tried this new one called no-strings dating app. Australian only and links accross iphone, android and pc. Completely free and works pretty well.

    I would suggest a new App named
    GPSFlirt is location based dating/flirting application. You can find people around you and you can contact them via built in chat

    there are a few dating apps out there at the moment like tinder, letsdate and more recently, mbrace. Personally I have used them all and there really isn't much to do apart from swipe and chat. Except for mbrace, which is more fun to use because you can set "challenges" on your profile and other users can complete them. Like "tell me something funny" or "invite me to a cool event"...

    I use http:/// to meet other gay guys. Its free and works on any device...including mobiles without needing an app. I think it is great.

    I'm working on an Australian dating app of my own but it has a few special features not found in other apps. You can find out more here

    Get a room, Will and michael debyl?? woahaahaa!

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