A Dumb Truck Makes Me Feel Like We're Living In The Future

Nothing seems very futuristic to me. Not my phone, not my tablet, not my computer, not my TV, not my watch. None of it. We don't have flying cars and we have hoverboards that don't hover. What sort of world are we living in?

Google's Glass is very futuristic, but we're still a long way away from it actually working the way they want us to think it's going to work. And that's fine. But there must be some things we've all seen that make us feel as if we're living in the future or that look futuristic, right?

For me it's this dumb FedEx truck. Why? Consider for a minute any movie in recent memory that is based in the future. It's likely set in a metropolitan city that's overpopulated and short on space. Living in New York, I can see why that is. Everything is compact and made to be extremely efficient. And to me this truck encompasses both of those virtues. It's electric and has a substantially smaller footprint than the normal FedEx delivery trucks we're all used to seeing.

So what do you consider futuristic looking and/or what makes you think you're living in the future? And I don't mean anything that's super-technical that only a few people see. Drop some examples in the comments below with an explanation.

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