46 Years Later, The Gorn Gets A Rematch With Captain Kirk

Yes, there's a new Star Trek movie on the way, but what you might not know is that there's a game in the works as well. It's a Gears of War-inspired co-op shooter featuring James T. Kirk and Spock as playable characters and the Gorn as the main aggressors. Watch the video above and I think you'll agree, publisher Namco Bandai nailed the perfect advertisement.

William Shatner is no spring chicken — he's currently pushing 82 — but he can still whip out the famous "Kirk chop" when an alien opponent is nearby. Sadly, the fight doesn't end with the Gorn copping a face-sized discharge of pointy diamonds, though the conclusion is most appropriate given the, uh, maturity of the combatants.

All up, it's a great ad and a nice tip of the hat to the classic 1967 episode. In fact, it's so well-executed it (somehow) makes the game look a bit crappy in comparison.


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