Zero Motorcycles: Customise The Performance Of Your Electric BIke

If you have one of Zero Motorcycles electric bikes, you now have a smartphone app to go with it, and it might help you get a little more juice out of your bike.

What does it do?

Connects to your bike via Bluetooth to check its performance, see how much charge you have left, and track your data and stats in a dashboard setting.

Why do we like it?

You want the best performance you can get out of your vehicle. Also, with electric vehicles, you have to make sure you're all charged up before you hop on your hog. This app will show you how much power you have left and how much time it'll take you to recharge. Those are really simple things, but they're things you don't want to have a question about. Then it goes further with a dashboard mode where you see all your stats like watts/hour, cost/distance, and how much money you're saving on petrol. You can change to different modes like your top speed and acceleration, and if you have any breakdowns, you can report them to a technician. Even if you don't have a Zero Motorcycle, you have to admit these are nice features that your old Honda almost certainly doesn't offer.

Zero Motorcycles

Download this app for: iPhone (free), Android (free) The best part: uses Google Maps The worst part: report problems

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