Would You Want To Fly Underwater In This Winged Wetsuit?

There can be no denying that designer Guillaume Binard's "Oceanwings" look slightly ridiculous. But with the promise of letting you fly underwater, they're a strangely tempting prospect too.

The idea is that the winged wetsuit lets you glide effortlessly through the water, like a... well, like a fish, we guess. In fact, a video made by Jérôme Espla, below, does a good job of making that look like a reality. But the big question is: would you try it out?

[Design Boom]


    Looks more like sinking than flying to me.

    No, this is stupid. He isn't able to do anything that he couldn't do *without* the webbing; and the webbing restricts his range of movement. This design doesn't enable deeper dives, better buoyancy control, or faster propulsion. And it looks as dumb as it does impractical.

      And a bummer if you need to scratch your nose.

      Can you imagine if he had accidentally let go of that yellow balloon thingy. What a horrible way to die...trapped by a useless, restrictive rubber costume as you "fly" to the bottom of the ocean.

    I was thinking the same, can he swim in that? Looks like a death trap. lol.

    If you wear this in the ocean and I happen to "accidentally" shoot you with a spear gun.... so your fault!

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    What a freaking idiot.

    Looks like a dead nun in her underpants.

    At 1:56 did someone ask "so who here is a douche-bag?"

    good way to make yourself all the more appetising to a great white named bruce

      Yeah because we all want to look more fish-like when we're swimming in open waters

    Well that's completely pointless.
    what is wrong with a normal wet suit and fins? you get the same result with more maneuverability

    Notice that they did not show him kicking or trying to propell himself at all? I'm guessing because it's rediculously hard and looks like you're trying to kick yourself in the head.

    Webbed instead of winged would be a better expression.

    I'd like to try it, but (like everyone else in this thread) I don't think it would work. It would be good if there was a way of controlling the webbing (i.e. by pulling/holding a cord to expand the webbing and releasing it to contract it) - then we could have the best of both worlds: freedom of movement and ability to 'glide'.

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