Why Bother Boiling When You Can Toast Your Eggs Instead?

For all the Wi-Fi enhanced appliances that are slowly invading our kitchens, most people still employ the same method of cooking their eggs that their heathen ancestors in the 1920's did: a pot of roiling water. But filling a pan, bringing it to boil, and setting the timer are all hassles we'll never again have to face once the Eggxactly hits the market.

The Eggxactly is a single-serving cooker that boils eggs in their shells, without water or open flame. According to the product website, you simply load an egg into the device, set the dial for your desired level of firmness, and tap the top to start. It reportedly uses just one per cent of the energy used by conventional boiling and prevents yolk browning due to overcooking.

The Eggxactly is currently undergoing CE testing and should start shipping by the second half of 2013. There is no firm ship date or price set (its estimated to be about $40 plus shipping and handling), but you can pre-order one off the Eggxactly website. [Eggxactly]

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