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    I just wanted to say thanks. Giz AU has raised the bar well above that of it's/your American counterparts. Since the update a while back, I actually rate your site as one of the neatest and cleanest on the internet. Sure there will always be exceptional, flashier examples, but yours does what it's supposed to do really well.

    The AU content also stands well ahead of that which comes in from 'the feed'. Your reviews are soo much better. Rational. Unclouded by whatever horror it is that stains American opinions of anything unrelated to fruit. I will read your reviews after an American review and see importance placed on the same things that I find important. The final verdict typically comes in line with what I've just read and expect, no crazy "that's a dealbreaker" sensationalism over ultimately unimportant aspects.

    So keep it up. Keep weeding out the trash and supplying us with the good stuff.

    I actually hope you'll return the AU flag to posts from Aussie authors. The difference is night and day in terms of quality. It adds extra incentive to read posts that I might otherwise skip. I want to support you guys, clicks are my currency.

      I agree with this, i find it the same with the Aus Kotaku, the american one has just one line posts but Mark and co puts a lot of effort into their articles which stands a mile above the american counterparts.

      I'll agree when there's better proof reading and less sensational headlines with articles that go nowhere. Those are pretty fundamental things.

    I don't know if this is the right place to vent so if not please delete:

    TV stations should stop broadcasting and go straight to the Internet. Here's why:

    Normally I pvr American Horror story, then play it back at 1.5 speed and skip the boring bits and ads, just like any sane person would. However I couldn't last night and instead watched it "catch-up" on eleven.com.au.

    Suddenly I was back in the 80s! I couldn't skip the highly repetitive adds, there were no subtitles, speed as locked at x1, and the quality was average at best (and I have 80mb/s).

    The TV stations complain that the Internet is ruining their business. I'd suggest they first run everything on the internet where they can claw back control of the user experience and weeks later put it to air where they have far less control.

    Of course, that would annoy people who value convenience and quality, but TV stations already have a strong track record in that area of disservice.

      This is definitely the wrong place to bring up potentially offtopic tech-related comments! :p

      And yea, not only are aussie tv channels generally rubbish. (why I didn't bother to plug in my TV to anything beyond an N64 after moving in december)

        What, you don't plug it in to your laptop? You mean you watch all your HD movies and TV shows on your 15" screen?

          17", with a 22" secondary!

            That's not terrible I guess but I prefer lying on the couch and watching on my 50 inch in the living room. How big is your TV?

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