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    Here's a question for all you 920 owners:

    After installing the portico update, is your battery draining crazy fast? Changed no settings, on a full charge I'm getting a lot less hours out of it with light usage.

      i've not updated to portico. when i first got my 920, the battery life was useless and it would get hot (like proper hot). It froze on me about a week later (the only time it has) and i did a force reset (hold power and volume down for 10 seconds). it must have killed whatever process was going nuts and it fixed my problem.
      how are you finding the camera focus since the update? is there much difference?

        Never really use the camera often enough to have noticed so far -- But I've had a few more resets than you. oddly enough, never when I've had an active alarm set (thank god, I need to get to work, damnit!)

        The best thing though was that this update was meant to stop the random reset issue, or a lot of them.. about 10 minutes after the update, instant phone crash!

          ah sux. take it back. i wouldn't waste any more time with it. perhaps do a full factory reset, don't load your contacts or anything back onto the phone. see if it is still killing the battery. that way you have more ammo when it comes to getting one swapped over rather than a lengthy repair job. you never know, it may help and you can reinstall things step by step. good luck

            You don't know the shit I went through to get this phone (and then get, so far, 5k of erroneous charges removed from my bill, 2k pending..)

            Its only the odd reset anyway - once a week or two.

              tbh i didn't even know portico was available. I downloaded a battery app called battery sense. It graphs your battery levels (amongst other things). I didn't realise that my battery was running out at about 8% per hour (with some use). I upgraded to portico and battery consumption is nothing. I charged the phone to 100% yesterday and used it solidly for about 45 minutes, then 30 minutes of streaming music from the net via wifi connection and then minimal usage since then. I have 3 emails running push, facebook, live tiles, you name it. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/138/wpss201302060001.png/
              Take yours back. You shouldn't have to put up with a faulty product and you should have to worry about a long drawn out process.

      battery seems about the same for me, although its not the best (even before update).
      How have you found the new features?? my reply with text option seems to work less than half the time, most of the time i done get the choice.

        Haven't had a chance to use it - i was so excited that I set up two for when I'm in meetings about calling back later. One professional, one for... friends .... and haven't had the chance to accidentally press the wrong one!

        Bad that it doesn't seem to work for you though.

        Just picked up a wireless charge stand though, loving that!

          Its not that it doesn't work, just half the time the option doesn't come up, a bit frustrating.
          Got the wireless charging pad a while ago. Fantastic

    Are there any laws against torturing and eventually murdering keyboards because i think my logitech wireless keyboard needs a good dose of vitamin M (microwave for those playing along at home).

    Hey guys, @lukehopewell in particular I guess. I spotted back in December an article on either Giz or Life Hacker (maybe both?) that was about changing the carrier logo on an iPhone and the article also featured some cool logo's to replace existing ones with. I can't even find the article I am looking for on either site, was it removed or something?


      It was on Beau Giles' site

        Thanks, it's pretty much identical to the post I saw back in December on Giz/Life Hacker which vanished.

    Something special: The oldest Scifi story ever: The tale of an Aboriginal Australian who makes a Robot and looses control of it.

    How Djarapa made Wulgaru

    'First time everybody in our tribe were happy; happy until an old fool called Djarapa tried to make magic songs over wood, stone and red ocre paint.'
    Tula went on to explain how old Djarapa cut a piece of wood from a green tree and this he trimmed to look like the body of a human being. Next he made the legs and arms from pieces of wood and for knee and arm joints he used rounded stones that he had gathered up in a riverbed.After putting them together with red-ochred string he painted ears, nose and eyes in the thing and as he painted he chanted a very magic song that had been taught to him by a now dead tribal medicine man.
    'Good song-man.' said Tula, and when I asked did he know the chant he looked horrified and explained that it was, 'proper danger song...suppose wrong man get that song then straight-away him kill everybody, one time...all-a-same lightning.
    All day and night Djarapa chanted, and beat his tap-sticks over the lifelessbits of wood and stone. he chanted till his throat became dry and hoarse, and at last, in despair, he gathered up his hunting weapons and went his way.
    And as he walked along Djarapa heard a loud clanking sound with the crashing of many trees behind him, and looking around he beheld the terrible monster of wood and stone shambling along on his trail. Its arms twisited and beat the air and he noticed that these flailing arms were the things that beat down the trees as it moved along. The creaking noises he heard ame from the creatures knees and arm joints, and every now and then the monster opened its mouth and snapped its jaws togwther that the white cockatoos that followed overhead screeched a warning to the other animals and birds of the bush. When this happened the newly created thing opened its eyes so that they all blazed, 'all-a-same stars'.
    'Djarapa dead-fright now when that devil-devil big-eye been come close up alonga his track,' Tula explained, 'but when Djarapa stop then that Wulgaru thing stop too and when him run that devil-devil run too. Djarapa can't lose it.'
    Trembling with fear Djarapa noticed that the thing of his creation was only following him by sight, so he leapt behind dark-green bush, then doubling back on his trail, he stood behind a large salmon-gum tree as the shuffling monster went on, finally to enter a big lagoon. Watching that spot in amazement the terrified creator of monsters beheld it emerge from the opposite bank and move off into the jungle beyond.
    'Proper fool that Djarapa. Man make Devil-Devil...now he cant kill it...make trouble for everybody,' bitterly commented Tula.

    Source: 'Tales from the Aborigines' by Bill Harney

    An excellent tale of the perils of enchanting Automatons.

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