Which One Has More Usable Space: The 128GB Surface Pro Or The 128GB MacBook Air?

Everyone's been making fun of the Surface Pro for being so stingy on hard drive space. The 128GB version of the Surface Pro only has 90GB of free space (originally reported to be 83GB but since boosted). Where the hell did the other 38 gigs go? Well, you could ask the same question to the 128GB version of the MacBook Air. The MBA only has 92GB of free space. What!

And get this. With a few tweaks (namely removing the recovery image), the Surface Pro 128GB actually has more usable space than the equivalent 128GB MacBook Air. Why's everyone making fun of Microsoft for hijacking space? HMM?

Ed Bott of ZDNet, and unapologetic Microsoft man, dug deep to determine the true difference in space between the Surface Pro and the MacBook Air. It's worth a read if you're into splitting bits from bytes and breaking down binary and base-10. Basically, Apple and Windows report disk size differently leading Microsoft too look worse than it actually is. [ZDNet]

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