Watch Top Gear Korea Crash The Cobra Attack Helicopter They Were Using

Top Gear is an international sensation, so much so that now Korea has its own version, and has since 2011. The Top Gear brand is synonymous with insane stunts that pit man's greatest machines against each other set to tense music and shot with spectacular skill, but all of that went horribly wrong one day on the set of Top Gear Korea when a challenge ended in a Cobra attack helicopter crashed into the ground. Watch the video here.

The original challenge was to race the helicopter against show host Kim Jin Pyo and his Corvette ZR1. After a few laps and what looks like a tightly clinched victory for Kim Jin Pyo, the helicopter nose dives into the desert, immediately enveloping it in a thick cloud of dust and smoke.

Nobody was seriously injured in the crash, but it is sickening to watch. Don't try these stunts at home, kids.


    "Don’t try these stunts at home, kids" - Don't worry I don't have Cobra attack helicopter to play with at home

      Well, Duh

    "Unit cost US$11.3 million (1995) ":

    I don't understand why it crashed. Did he get too sideways and stall during that tight turn?

      It is a very old machine, anything could have gone wrong. The Cobra was replaced by the Apache in the 1980s. Still, teh important thing is that it's a comprehensive win for the car.

        Yeah. Shortly after posting I figured it must have been some sort of mechanical failure. Scary to see it happen do spectacularly.

          He stalled it, not enough lift and too much sideways movement.

        Don't know about that particular machine, but versions of cobras still very much active in US marine corps, maybe other units too. Far from retired.

          The Marines are still running the later twin-engine Cobras, not this type.

    I bet his head was like a pea in a whistle.

    Why is the crash footage added into what looks like final edited footage? Not saying the crash was deliberate, but isnt it strange to 'productionize' it before releasing it?

      If they had the footage then why not use it to their advantage?

    bet the blokes in the cars near the crash had to change their undies after that one.

    also, gotta love the Korean reaction from the driver when he realises the copter is down.


    Must have been at the exact same time those North Korea nuclear tests happened.

    Oopsam Gangnam Style!

    I guess it must be new footage??? This was news in March 2012.

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