Watch This Giant Meteorite Fly Over Russia...You Won't Believe Its Sound

In an unexpected move, space seems to be putting on a matinee show for Earth ahead of the tomorrow's 4:30am (AEDT) fly-by of the asteroid code-named 2012 DA14, with a giant goddamn meteorite streaking across the sky in Russia this morning before crashing to Earth with a furious bang. Watch the incredible video here.

The action starts at around 10 seconds in when the meteorite comes into frame. Trust me, you won't miss it.

The meteorite lights up the sky as it streaks across the frame at around 9:20am local time.

And then, nearby, the almighty bang that blew out the windows of a city.

According to various media outlets, evacutions are currently underway.

Videos are currently being uploaded to YouTube of contrails across the Russian sky. Check them out at RMNB. [RMNB]

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    Shit. They are here!!

      I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords

        Dont blame me, I voted for Kodos.

          I called this the other day.

          No one will admit it, but I said in a article about the asteroid passing us wasn't a threat in any way was complete utter lies and bullshit. I even called that the asteriod would hit some space junk and chip of a chunk.

            No one will 'admit it' because you're dead wrong, and bordering on retarded. The Russian meteor was on a vastly different trajectory, it was smaller, and considerably slower than the flyby one. For it to have been part of the same rock would put it a different landing site altogether.
            Wouldn't mind so much but I've had to correct a lot of morons like you lately and it's getting old. Stick to episodes of Ancient Aliens, you're not cut out for real life.

              I agree with you, that this guy is a moron. However, it is a bit odd that our planet would be hit by a comet that ranks among the size of those that only hit it like once in 100 years, and also hit by another rather large one in Cuba, and I believe one in California also (each rather large enough to cause everyone to say, "wooooww", all of this happened on the same day that a huge asteroid came reeeaaalllllly close to us. Maybe we're just passing through a part of space that has a lot of asteroids. No government attack, no masonic lodges involved. Just empty space for light-years and light-years and then some space junk. <-- that's us.

    The guy in the first video seems unusually calm about it; he must be in on it!!!

    But that noise in the second video.... wow....

    That second Vid reminds me of every Sci-Fi alien movie that starts with a Meteor shower....


    That noise was incredible. And it's pretty amazing that Hollywood got it right too...

      Tell me about it. It seems so surreal seeing it on the video. It felt very much like a movie.

    Ah, I think it's called a meteoroid (the article title needs to be fixed):

    once it survives the impact, it then becomes a meteorite, so technically meteorite can't fly over Russia.

    Saw one of these about 10yrs ago north of the Blue Mountains in NSW. Was at night and thought some one had let off a flare.
    Watched it then when it got near the horizon the whole sky lit up in a green explosion.
    Didnt know what it was for years until I read an article stating the US was worried meteorites like this would be confused as a nuclear attack.
    Seeing one in person I can understand why!
    Also google the one in Canada about 2yrs back for an idea of the explosion in the sky.

    North Korea fired the wrong way

    Jeebus, and to think that this was light and sound show was put on by a piece of rock only a few meters in size. Imagine what a chunk of rock the size of a house or a mountain would do...

    Also there seems to be an absurd amount of videos of Russians videoing when they drive.

      Not really, same as in China - general driving standards are abysmal and video evidence helps with insurance claims.

      Seems that the Russians are more defensive about crashes and liability.... (or maybe recording road rage (it happens there too))

        Also, stop trying to steal my name!

      There are loads of insurance fraud cases in Russia, typically of people pretending to jump in front of cars to try and make a quick buck. I think some insurance companies over there give a discount if you have a dasahboard cam, or it;s just illegal to not have one, something like that.

    It's a meteoroid. It becomes a meteorite once it hits the ground and survives.

    Incredible videos. Thanks for posting this, Luke.

    What a coincidence that this happened on the same day as Earth's near miss with an asteroid.

    Am I the only one thinking that Handsome Jack has just sent in some loaders to wipe out more vault hunters?

    So whatever written on this article is only bullshit?

    "The US space agency NASA said “there is no chance that the asteroid might be on a collision course with Earth. Nevertheless, the flyby will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to study a near-Earth object up close."

    That is a different rock.

    The meteor we saw today went undetected, as they usually do considering space is made up of tens of thousands of asteroids too small for NASA to detect every single one of them.

    This meteor is judged to be, at most, 10 or so meters wide. The asteroid that that article is referring to is 45 meters.


      The two, according to the experts, are completely unrelated. Just a freak coincidence. Didn't anyone here read the article about the google doodle , for people who don't read/watch normal news that should have explained things.

    Kalel has arrived !!!

      Read "Red Sun" a great comic about Superman crashing in Russia instead of America.

    How come nobody predicted this one ?


      They're studied, not guessed at.

      Lol, predicted? It's a rock the size of a truck in space filled with trillions of other rocks and satellites much larger. This is just like an ant crossing the great wall, no ones likely to see it unless they're by chance closely observing the very spot it crosses over.

    does anyone have a link to the first video? its not working now.

    Three day old article, why the Fuck is this pinned?

    "You won't believe its sound"
    Well actually, anyone would expect something like that hitting the ground at that much force to make a pretty loud noise. But hey, common sense isn't all that common.

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