Watch This Giant Meteorite Fly Over Russia...You Won't Believe Its Sound

In an unexpected move, space seems to be putting on a matinee show for Earth ahead of the tomorrow's 4:30am (AEDT) fly-by of the asteroid code-named 2012 DA14, with a giant goddamn meteorite streaking across the sky in Russia this morning before crashing to Earth with a furious bang. Watch the incredible video here.

The action starts at around 10 seconds in when the meteorite comes into frame. Trust me, you won't miss it.

The meteorite lights up the sky as it streaks across the frame at around 9:20am local time.

And then, nearby, the almighty bang that blew out the windows of a city.

According to various media outlets, evacutions are currently underway.

Videos are currently being uploaded to YouTube of contrails across the Russian sky. Check them out at RMNB. [RMNB]

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