Win A VAIO Duo 11 From Sony And Giz: Vote For Week Two's Best Entries

It's time for round two! Giz has teamed up with Sony Australia and Intel Australia to give away almost $6000 of Sony Vaio Duo 11s hybrids. All you have to do to enter is grab an old piece of technology and explain why you need to UpTrade to a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony. To get you inspired, check out the *147* fantastic entries we've received this week so far.

VAIO Duo 11 from Sony: A tablet and an Ultrabook rolled into one.

• There's a Vaio Duo 11 from Sony up for grabs each week in February.

• We're taking your votes into account, so don’t forget to share the comp with your friends!

• Photos need to include at least one piece of technology (dating from before year 2000) alongside the following sentence: “I want to UpTrade this / these for the #VAIODuo11 from Sony

Think you can beat the entries below? This week's entries close Tuesday 12th February 10am AEDT!

Send Giz your entries here!

And The Week 2 Winner Is...

Nicholas Joiner just edged out an amazing field of 147 entries. Congrats to you sir!

Vote For Your Favourite!

*147* entries and counting...

Rate your favourites using the star buttons below.

Ethan Worthington

Christine Parkyn

Charles Agius

Chris Ryan

Joel Zico McGarry

Denis Reeves

Mason Hood

Nick Ward

James Oh

Nev Wallace

Adam Smith

Roger Warren

John Ballingall

Jason Brakey

Thi Nguyen

Charles Agius

Tom Fairclough

Roger Warren (Entry 2)

Shaun McCheane

Deb Guild

Nicholas Joiner

Lyndel Rowe

AJ Treseder

Lorenzo Aclan

Matt Dobrincic

Steven The Bartender

Jamil Ayad

Nino Medic

David Tsai

Jeremy Gilbert

Darren Brooks

Robert S

Franky Sudargo

Phillip Adams

Andrew Marshall

Evan McLean

Drew Mayo

Josh Littlefield

David Limjuco

Rhys Morgan

Reece Peart

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 5)

Graham Jupp

Brendan Holben

Dime Domazetoski

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 5)

Nicholas Bailey

Wiliam Budd

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 4)

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 2)

Sharon Buckman

Chris Rankin

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 3)

Dylan Van Beers

Joel Steele

Kris Bedi

Adam Kurosz

Aaron Steele

Heinrich Bezuidenhout

Indra Arifin (Entry 1)

Indra Arifin (Entry 2)

Luke Santillo

Mike Crowe

Matt Esse

Ross Colvin (Entry 1)

Ross Colvin (Entry 2)

Simon Watson

Tony Jones

Anthony Metzen

Ben Winwood (Entry 2)

Ben Campbell

Eric Wang

Kozo Morimoto

Earl Leonard

Suzanne Mask

Alex Kinsella

Brad Collins

Cobus Klopper

Daniel Mainzer

Graeme Jeffrey

Jamie Carl

Julie Casey

John Coman

Keegan Mclean

Kristina Walmsley

Morris Burton

Patricia Comer

Peter Westley

Ron Jolley

Tim Churchward

Martin Bacon

Feona Green Puttock

Suzanne King

Todd Sarney

Michael McCarthy

Milan Ninchich

Marlene Del Campo

Tania Zheng

Marlene Del Campo (Entry 2)

Aaron Ryan

Marlene Del Campo (Entry 3)

Michael Ortega

Kevin Lee

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 4)

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 6)

Anthony Metzen (Entry 2)

Wayne Sherriff

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 3)

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 9)

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 8)

Erik Lai

David McLachlan

Matthew Burton

Siang Lim

Naadira Omarjee

Kristy Hawkins

Allan Philip

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 10)

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 2)

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 11)

Farida Bilimoria

Scott Baker

Michael Ortega (Entry 2)

James Burke

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 7)

Ryan Harrison

Barry Hatchard

Darcy Lang

Giuliano Pessotto

Michelle Earle

Mitch Jones

Ben Winwood (Entry 1)


Alex Zamagias

David Sloan

David Stevenson

Geoff Van Der Hor

Hunter Beanland

Josh Seeto

Kathie Winn

Felix Bruno

Karmen Lu

Nancy Nathan

Donna Gant

Rodney Jones

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