Win A VAIO Duo 11 From Sony And Giz: Vote For Week Two’s Best Entries

Win A VAIO Duo 11 From Sony And Giz: Vote For Week Two’s Best Entries

It’s time for round two! Giz has teamed up with Sony Australia and Intel Australia to give away almost $6000 of Sony Vaio Duo 11s hybrids. All you have to do to enter is grab an old piece of technology and explain why you need to UpTrade to a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony. To get you inspired, check out the *147* fantastic entries we’ve received this week so far.

VAIO Duo 11 from Sony: A tablet and an Ultrabook rolled into one.

• There’s a Vaio Duo 11 from Sony up for grabs each week in February.

• We’re taking your votes into account, so don’t forget to share the comp with your friends!

• Photos need to include at least one piece of technology (dating from before year 2000) alongside the following sentence: “I want to UpTrade this / these for the #VAIODuo11 from Sony

Think you can beat the entries below?
This week’s entries close Tuesday 12th February 10am AEDT!

Send Giz your entries here!


And The Week 2 Winner Is…

Nicholas Joiner just edged out an amazing field of 147 entries. Congrats to you sir!


Vote For Your Favourite!

*147* entries and counting…

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Ethan Worthington

[polldaddy rating=”6588942″]

Christine Parkyn

[polldaddy rating=”6588943″]

Charles Agius

[polldaddy rating=”6588944″]

Chris Ryan

[polldaddy rating=”6588945″]

Joel Zico McGarry

[polldaddy rating=”6588949″]

Denis Reeves

[polldaddy rating=”6588950″]

Mason Hood

[polldaddy rating=”6588951″]

Nick Ward

[polldaddy rating=”6588953″]

James Oh

[polldaddy rating=”6588962″]

Nev Wallace

[polldaddy rating=”6588963″]

Adam Smith

[polldaddy rating=”6588964″]

Roger Warren

[polldaddy rating=”6588966″]

John Ballingall

[polldaddy rating=”6588967″]

Jason Brakey

[polldaddy rating=”6588968″]

Thi Nguyen

[polldaddy rating=”6588969″]

Charles Agius

[polldaddy rating=”6588971″]

Tom Fairclough

[polldaddy rating=”6588972″]

Roger Warren (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6588973″]

Shaun McCheane

[polldaddy rating=”6588976″]

Deb Guild

[polldaddy rating=”6588977″]

Nicholas Joiner

[polldaddy rating=”6588978″]

Lyndel Rowe

[polldaddy rating=”6588980″]

AJ Treseder

[polldaddy rating=”6588981″]

Lorenzo Aclan

[polldaddy rating=”6588982″]

Matt Dobrincic

[polldaddy rating=”6588984″]

Steven The Bartender

[polldaddy rating=”6588985″]

Jamil Ayad

[polldaddy rating=”6588987″]

Nino Medic

[polldaddy rating=”6588991″]

David Tsai

[polldaddy rating=”6588992″]

Jeremy Gilbert

[polldaddy rating=”6588995″]

Darren Brooks

[polldaddy rating=”6588999″]

Robert S

[polldaddy rating=”6589002″]

Franky Sudargo

[polldaddy rating=”6580647″]

Phillip Adams

[polldaddy rating=”6580649″]

Andrew Marshall

[polldaddy rating=”6580650″]

Evan McLean

[polldaddy rating=”6580653″]

Drew Mayo

[polldaddy rating=”6580656″]

Josh Littlefield

[polldaddy rating=”6580657″]

David Limjuco

[polldaddy rating=”6580659″]

Rhys Morgan

[polldaddy rating=”6580660″]

Reece Peart

[polldaddy rating=”6580661″]

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 5)

[polldaddy rating=”6580662″]

Graham Jupp

[polldaddy rating=”6580663″]

Brendan Holben

[polldaddy rating=”6580664″]

Dime Domazetoski

[polldaddy rating=”6580665″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 5)

[polldaddy rating=”6580666″]

Nicholas Bailey

[polldaddy rating=”6580667″]

Wiliam Budd

[polldaddy rating=”6580670″]

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 4)

[polldaddy rating=”6580672″]

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6580673″]

Sharon Buckman

[polldaddy rating=”6580674″]

Chris Rankin

[polldaddy rating=”6580675″]

Dime Domazetoski (Entry 3)

[polldaddy rating=”6580676″]

Dylan Van Beers

[polldaddy rating=”6580678″]

Joel Steele

[polldaddy rating=”6573750″]

Kris Bedi

[polldaddy rating=”6573751″]

Adam Kurosz

[polldaddy rating=”6576626″]

Aaron Steele

[polldaddy rating=”6576628″]

Heinrich Bezuidenhout

[polldaddy rating=”6576629″]

Indra Arifin (Entry 1)

[polldaddy rating=”6576630″]

Indra Arifin (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6576634″]

Luke Santillo

[polldaddy rating=”6576637″]

Mike Crowe

[polldaddy rating=”6573756″]

Matt Esse

[polldaddy rating=”6573760″]

Ross Colvin (Entry 1)

[polldaddy rating=”6573762″]

Ross Colvin (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6573764″]

Simon Watson

[polldaddy rating=”6573765″]

Tony Jones

[polldaddy rating=”6573767″]

Anthony Metzen

[polldaddy rating=”6573768″]

Ben Winwood (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6573771″]

Ben Campbell

[polldaddy rating=”6570377″]

Eric Wang

[polldaddy rating=”6570379″]

Kozo Morimoto

[polldaddy rating=”6570388″]

Earl Leonard

[polldaddy rating=”6534886″]

Suzanne Mask

[polldaddy rating=”6534888″]


Alex Kinsella

[polldaddy rating=”6592079″]

Brad Collins

[polldaddy rating=”6592080″]

Cobus Klopper

[polldaddy rating=”6592081″]

Daniel Mainzer

[polldaddy rating=”6592083″]

Graeme Jeffrey

[polldaddy rating=”6592084″]

Jamie Carl

[polldaddy rating=”6592085″]

Julie Casey

[polldaddy rating=”6592086″]

John Coman

[polldaddy rating=”6592087″]

Keegan Mclean

[polldaddy rating=”6592088″]

Kristina Walmsley

[polldaddy rating=”6592089″]

Morris Burton

[polldaddy rating=”6592090″]

Patricia Comer

[polldaddy rating=”6592092″]

Peter Westley

[polldaddy rating=”6592095″]

Ron Jolley

[polldaddy rating=”6592098″]

Tim Churchward

[polldaddy rating=”6592099″]

Martin Bacon

[polldaddy rating=”6588927″]

Feona Green Puttock

[polldaddy rating=”6588928″]

Suzanne King

[polldaddy rating=”6588929″]

Todd Sarney

[polldaddy rating=”6588930″]

Michael McCarthy

[polldaddy rating=”6588933″]

Milan Ninchich

[polldaddy rating=”6588935″]

Marlene Del Campo

[polldaddy rating=”6588936″]

Tania Zheng

[polldaddy rating=”6588937″]

Marlene Del Campo (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6588938″]

Aaron Ryan

[polldaddy rating=”6588939″]

Marlene Del Campo (Entry 3)

[polldaddy rating=”6588941″]

Michael Ortega

[polldaddy rating=”6580685″]

Kevin Lee

[polldaddy rating=”6580686″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 4)

[polldaddy rating=”6580689″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 6)

[polldaddy rating=”6580691″]

Anthony Metzen (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6580692″]

Wayne Sherriff

[polldaddy rating=”6580693″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 3)

[polldaddy rating=”6580694″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 9)

[polldaddy rating=”6580695″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 8)

[polldaddy rating=”6580696″]

Erik Lai

[polldaddy rating=”6580697″]

David McLachlan

[polldaddy rating=”6580699″]

Matthew Burton

[polldaddy rating=”6580701″]

Siang Lim

[polldaddy rating=”6580702″]

Naadira Omarjee

[polldaddy rating=”6580703″]

Kristy Hawkins

[polldaddy rating=”6580707″]

Allan Philip

[polldaddy rating=”6580710″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 10)

[polldaddy rating=”6580713″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6580716″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 11)

[polldaddy rating=”6580720″]

Farida Bilimoria

[polldaddy rating=”6580721″]

Scott Baker

[polldaddy rating=”6580723″]

Michael Ortega (Entry 2)

[polldaddy rating=”6580724″]

James Burke

[polldaddy rating=”6580725″]

Kristy Hawkins (Entry 7)

[polldaddy rating=”6580726″]

Ryan Harrison

[polldaddy rating=”6580727″]

Barry Hatchard

[polldaddy rating=”6576618″]

Darcy Lang

[polldaddy rating=”6576619″]

Giuliano Pessotto

[polldaddy rating=”6576620″]

Michelle Earle

[polldaddy rating=”6576622″]

Mitch Jones

[polldaddy rating=”6576624″]

Ben Winwood (Entry 1)

[polldaddy rating=”6573770″]


[polldaddy rating=”6573742″]

Alex Zamagias

[polldaddy rating=”6573744″]

David Sloan

[polldaddy rating=”6573745″]

David Stevenson

[polldaddy rating=”6573746″]

Geoff Van Der Hor

[polldaddy rating=”6573747″]

Hunter Beanland

[polldaddy rating=”6573748″]

Josh Seeto

[polldaddy rating=”6573749″]

Kathie Winn

[polldaddy rating=”6573753″]

Felix Bruno

[polldaddy rating=”6570383″]

Karmen Lu

[polldaddy rating=”6570386″]

Nancy Nathan

[polldaddy rating=”6534865″]

Donna Gant

[polldaddy rating=”6534882″]

Rodney Jones

[polldaddy rating=”6534884″]