Trial By Social Media: Soundwave Festival Attendees Dob In Mosh Pit Misbehaviour

Last night at the Sydney Soundwave festival during a band's set, one reveller thought it would be a grand idea to rip a flare in the middle of the mosh-pit to add a bit of atmos to the event. Sadly, a young girl reportedly sustained severe burns as a result, and the festival organiser immediately took to Twitter with a mission to find who the culprit was.

According to Music Feeds, the young girl was reportedly injured during either the Metallica or the Bring Me The Horizon sets (there were multiple flare incidents last night), which put organiser AJ Maddah on the warpath.

A few people got in touch:

There's no word yet on whether or not the flare-lighters have been identified, but it's a solid lesson that social media will find you out. [AJ Maddah via Music Feeds]

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    what kind of scumbag does that seriously?

    I was saying last night that i was incredibly impressed with how friendly the crowds were at teh brisbane SW, seriously during linkin park/Metallica's set (when the crowd was at its capacity) no one was pushing, people were letting smaller people in front for a better look, it was incredible how well behaved and friendly everyone was.

    But there always has to be one wanker who ruins everything, i hope he gets caught and punished.

      Agreed - I've gone to Soundwave for the last four years and it's always been really well spirited - people taking care of each other in the mosh, no bogans and yobbos like BDO, no agro anywhere.

      I'll have to second that. Waiting for Metallica I wasn't looking forward to Linkin Park finishing and having the crowd push over to the Metallica stage, but was all very civilised.

      Yeah agree about the good spirit at Soundwave. The Brisbane vibe was awesome.

      If Slayer can have a conga line in the mosh you know it's about as laid back as it can get... :D

    "the young girl was reportedly injured during either the Metallica or the Bring Me The Horizon sets"
    As AJ's tweet said, it was during Bring me the horizon (BMTH)

    Hope they catch the guy.

      There was also a flare set off during Metallica's set, but it seems that (luckily) nobody was hurt with that one.

        Very lucky since it was a MUCH larger crowd.

        The one at Metallica was not thrown and the guy held it until it burnt out,

        Unlike the BMTH where apparently it was thrown towards the stage

    The girl was hurt during the BMTH set. When the one during Metallica was set off the security guards were spraying the guy with water, I saw them spraying it in his face and on the flair so it is lucky he didn't just drop it into the crowd, was a dumb thing to do really the type of flair that was light can burn when fully submerged, in saying that I hope they catch the clowns that did it.

    Yeah I was in the Metallica pit and saw the same. They doused him at the end and his flare went out on its own. They trained the cameras on him, so, if they recorded the footage, they could possibly use that.

    I gotta say though, the security around the barriers in ANZ were pretty good. They did a great job keeping people cool and filling up water bottles for people throughout the day. Way different the the yellow shirt brutes from the past!

    Just wondering, this may be for the legal eagles out there, what would something like this, the social media campaign and such, do for the girls chances of suing for compensation if/when the do find the scum?

      Soundwave's management are trying to cover their arses as much as possible, hence the proactive approach from AJ.
      From what I can gather, their insurance will cover a lot of costs and they might be able to avoid a lawsuit against them because of the usual fine print on tickets and such but the person(s) responsible will most likely be the ones who are sued if/when they are found.
      It all depends on what charges will be pressed and if the judge sees them fit to pay compensation for medical costs and so forth.

      I just know the risk management side of things. For full compo details, the lawyers are best to answer.

        I think tonyintsv was talking specifically about suing the idiot responsible for the flare, not the Soundwave management.

          I know but was putting a blanket answer out there because it's usually something asked about: if one or both entities get sued and who covers it.

    Didn't see the flare, but though the crowd was pretty good. Saw one guy vomit and then stand over it for the rest of the night so no-one would stand in it.

      Anyone know exactly what happened to the guy that got hurt during the Linkin Park set? The band actually stopped the show when they noticed he hurt himself, but I have no idea what he did.

        I was wondering that too. I was over on the stage a side in the wait for metallica, hope he's okay though. As for this topic, a mate of mine was right next to the idiot that lit the flare in the metallica pit, they had the cameras on him so he'll likely be identified soon.

    the police will be issuing a statement about AJ's behaviour on tweeter later today (especially for saying he'll reward people for vigilante action) but they are also using social media to investigate what happened and who is responsible/

    I'm left wondering how exactly these guys got in with the flares in the first place. Security at the gates was pretty tight, and they searched every bag. So how did something the size of a flare get in?

      usually hidden in clothing. down pant legs and such.
      gate guards aren't allowed to do pat down searches unless their employers get permission and now days such searches are done by the police (Big Day Out used to use them for random checks).

      Used to be a huge problem for soccer matches and other sporting events.

    Let the poison Tweets commence.

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