Trial By Social Media: Soundwave Festival Attendees Dob In Mosh Pit Misbehaviour

Last night at the Sydney Soundwave festival during a band's set, one reveller thought it would be a grand idea to rip a flare in the middle of the mosh-pit to add a bit of atmos to the event. Sadly, a young girl reportedly sustained severe burns as a result, and the festival organiser immediately took to Twitter with a mission to find who the culprit was.

According to Music Feeds, the young girl was reportedly injured during either the Metallica or the Bring Me The Horizon sets (there were multiple flare incidents last night), which put organiser AJ Maddah on the warpath.

A few people got in touch:

There's no word yet on whether or not the flare-lighters have been identified, but it's a solid lesson that social media will find you out. [AJ Maddah via Music Feeds]

Flare image via Shutterstock

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