Track The Sneaky TOS Changes On Your Favourite Sites

When Instagram announced its updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy back in December, the internet went into a tizzy in large measure because people didn't really understand what was going on. Now, there's a watchdog service that tracks the changes of many of the most popular online services so that we're armed with real evidence when we freak out.

The online legal documents resource Docracy has a Terms of Service Tracker that currently monitors the fine print on 951 websites and has 1070 documents on file — it has been monitoring websites since January 16. When the documents change, the Tracker highlights the changes in a relatively easy-to-view layout that shows what has been axed and what has been added in red and green.

Most of the changes are relatively trivial, but amongst all the non-issues the site will document, the truly significant ones will be easier to pinpoint than ever. [Docracy via The Verge]

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