This Vince Vaughn Movie Is Essentially The Google Comedy We Always Wanted

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are at it again, starring in a new fish-out-of-water comedy movie where two friends go to get new jobs. Except the new jobs they get are at Google's head office in Mountain View in one of the craziest publicity stunts we've seen yet on the silver screen. Get in here and watch the trailer if you don't believe me.

It's called The Internship and it tells the story of two friends who lose their jobs because of changing times, only to get themselves an internship at Google. Cue hysterics about two older men working in a young person's company and you have yourself a film.

The level of access the film has to the Google offices in Mountain View though is incredible. Honestly this is the Google movie we've all been waiting for. As long as you can deal with a bit of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, you're going to geek out.

The Internship also stars Aussie favourite, Rose Byrne, and lands in US cinemas in early-June. [First Showing]

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    Where are the wizards? How can you have a movie about Google without wizards?


    I'm also an Owen Wilson fan so this will probably be happy fun times for me. :)

    I laughed at the trailer, that's good enough for me. At least they didn't come up with some lame fake tech company like Moogle or Boogle.

    >Owen Wilson
    Oh god why?

    Complete and utter crap.

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