This Photo Was Taken Using A Camera Made From Paddle Pop Sticks

When Maxim Grew got bored, he decided to try building an instant camera out of a Polaroid film holder and a bunch of wooden ice block sticks. He succeeded in building the thing — and it seems to work pretty well too.

OK, so he didn't just use popsicle sticks: the bellows are made from card and duct tape, and the lens at the front was scavenged from a thrift store camera. But give him a break: the result is pretty cool. You can see how he made it in the video below.

The final construction uses Polaroid Type 100 film, and to prove it works, he took the photo shown above. As you might expect focusing is a little tricky — but for something made from popsicle sticks, the result is amazingly impressive.

[Maxim Grew via Photojojo via Peta Pixel]

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