This DSLR Mount Makes Your Phone And Camera An Unstoppable Duo

Smartphones are slowly taking over the point-and-shoot camera market, but they're far from replacing DSLRs at this point. However, that doesn't mean the two still can't play nice together. The Look Lock lets your smartphone complement your DSLR, even if one is gunning for the other's job.

Let's face it, operating a large DSLR with a heavy lens hanging off the front is a two-hand job. And having a way to keep your smartphone in easy reach at all times for focal length calculations, or checking your shot list, has a few obvious benefits. The $75 Look Lock also provides a way to play content that's guaranteed to keep a toddler interested in looking in the camera's direction, or even a crude way to give the subject you're photographing a live preview of how they look.

[Photojojo Store]

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