This Has To Be The Stupidest Man Alive

We get it. You wear your cap backwards, you talk tough, you're cut like a demigod: you are a tough guy. The best thing about your stereotypical tough guy is that sooner or later, you can be guaranteed that they're going to do something really stupid. Here's one we prepared earlier: watch this giant idiot eat two tubs of Vegemite in three minutes.

This video made me want to turn my face inside out. I'm almost throwing up for him. Blerg.

Idiot. [Reddit Australia]


    He's not even the stupidest guy I've read a story about this morning...

      Oh god...the screaming...

        The scream... horrendous. Serves him right though.
        The stupidity...

      Oh shit that was funny... I was not expecting the size of the spines they were pulling out ha ha

    haha oh wow thats the greatest. Cheers :P

    Eating that much vegemite is pretty impressive aswell!

    Aussies do two tubs in two minutes.

      And, we don't cringe like little bitches when we do

        Hurr hurr, no a true Aussie wouldn't be an idiot and take part in a stupid prank like this but... eh. Whatever. Be tough if ya wanna.

          An Aussie wouldn't be stupid? have you met Australians?

    total pussy. He needs to grow a pair, or get off the roids to let his grow back.

    I HATE people who use their teeth to slam down on spoons to take the contents on the spoon off of it and into their mouth. ASDFGHJKLK

    Australians don't like it just because we grew up with it, we like it (well those that do, obviously not all Aussies like it) because we seem to be the only ones who know how to eat it properly! It's not Nutella or peanut butter!

      I've eaten it like that before.

      Its a great hangover remedy too. A tablespoon disolved into a mug of boiling water is great. I suspect its to do with the Vitamin B and salt in it cos its as good a Berocca but tastes better.

      I spread it as thick as Nutella or PB. Those little packets you get in hotels need two per slice of bread. :D

    My sister would do that, and then ask for more!

    He left enough in there for about a week's worth of breakfasts.

    Anyone know of that Shoenice guy on youtube? He did 1 jar a while back:

    Do Americans really hate it that much? I love it (and not just because I grew up with it, I was free to choose what to have on my toast/sandwiches), it's great.

      I'm with you mate. Love the stuff for.......the flavour.

    If nothing else, it proves he has a sense of humour. He needs to do it again and finish with a decent Aussie expression; none of this 'have a nice day'!

      Crikey! I mean what's with the little girl expressions he's pulling?

    You are only supposed to smear some on you're toast dickhead.

    Operation Turn Your Shit Black is complete

    Another one of his stupid pranks (NSFW) Vomit ALERT!!!

    The Challenging part is?? Vegemite rocks , gimme 4 jars!

    More proof that Americans really are stupid?

    Two jars? Thats cute. I love how people react to it, I can call any non-Australian a pussy.

    I like vegemite a lot but i would never eat an entire jar... let alone two
    Also how are those empty jars... theres still plenty of Vegemitey goodness

    Last edited 18/02/13 6:51 pm

    in my house those jars would go back into the cupboard, there's still some in there

    Okay, he's not the epitome of human intellectual achievement but the most stupid man alive? That's a big call considering the internet. Anyhow I wonder if an Australian did this, we'd all be calling him a legend. But because he's challenging Aussies on being able to eat the stuff like this in a Go USA kind of way, we're all affronted. I think the guy is a bit of a dolt because all that salt in one hit would be very dangerous, but that's testosterone for you.

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