These Outrageous Chinese DVD Movie Copies Are Hilarious

I may have a bad memory, but I don't remember Matrix Reloaded to be about "white men wanting a stud to breed slaves". Or Arnold Swarchenegger starring in Star Wars. Or a Tom Cruise movie called Pepe Likes Tacos. But, if you are in China, that's exactly what happens.

People, come in a witness the hilariously wacky world of pirate DVD movies made in China.

In all honesty, I really don't understand what is going on here.

I mean, I can understand a bad translation to Chinese, but how the hell did they come up with these English slogans? Are they the product of a chain English-Chinese-English Google translation? Why did they put these next to the Chinese text? And why are they pasting negative quotes from film reviews on the covers? The one for rom-com The Perfect Man says "The Perfect Man takes its idiotic plot and uses it for scenes of awesome stupidity". I'm sure the critic was right, but how is this honesty a selling point?

The covers' Photoshop jobs, however, are pure genius: I really want to see Star Wars with Predator's Arnold, Indy with a broadsword, and Thor in Games of Thrones. Oh, and Harry Potter in Lord of the Rings would be formidable.

But, above all, I just want to watch Tom Cruise's Pepe Likes Tacos. On repeat.

Go see the rest at Pixfans (in Spanish).

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    Can't be a total coincidence that Game of Thrones's Alan Taylor happens to be directing Thor: The Dark World.

    I have that Matrix Reloaded bootleg. I already had the Region 4 DVD, I just bought it for the hilarious cover on a business trip to Beijing. It was only $1.

    It looks like Pepe is standing next to the girl from Ferris Bueller

      Anyone? ... Anyone? ...

    "You're a hobbit, Harry!" said Gandalf. Harry experienced a moment of epiphany: suddenly so many things made sense! His oversized, hairy feet, lower-than-average height, mysterious attraction to holes in the ground, and particular appreciation of round doors and windows (even where architecturally impractical) all seemed justifiable and no longer embarrassing.
    Harry Potter and the Fellowship of the Ring, by J. K. Tolkien

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