These Cooking Tools Rest On The Side Of Your Pan Like Magic

How much would you pay for an extra pair of hands? Forty-five dollars sounds low. That's the price for this awesome set of cooking utensils with notches that let them rest on the side of your saucepan, freeing up your hands for more multitasking in the kitchen.

And hell, how many times have you dropped a spoon or a spatula into what you're cooking? It's annoying. Danish design firm KiBiSi have solved that horrible problem with this set. [BLTD]


    wtf? spoon rests are much cheaper and have been around for hundreds of years. These utensils are not going to stop you from dropping them into what you're cooking. Absolutely useless.

    And the handles will get hot as the heat comes around and up from under the saucepan...

      And scorched if it's gas. Maybe everyone at the design firm has an induction cooktop.

    I'd rather just get out the tool box and cut some notches in my existing wooden spoon that I bought for < $5.

    Although, Dr Nick *will* do an extra pair of hands for on ly $35. Just ask Mister McGreg...

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