There’s A New Raspberry Pi And Now It’s Even Cheaper

There’s A New Raspberry Pi And Now It’s Even Cheaper

There’s a lot to be impressed by when it comes to the miniature computer that is the Raspberry Pi. It’s only $40 and on it you get more power than the computers we had when we all were little tackers. Before the Pi we all know and love even hit the market, however, there was a plan for a baby brother model that never made it out of the delivery room. After a few tense months, we now have word that the second Raspberry Pi is alive!

The Raspberry Pi that we know today is known as the Model B, simply because it was meant to be the senior of the two models that were set to be released. The Model A, however, was delayed indefinitely.

The Model A has a few distinct differences that set it apart from the Model B. First of all, it has half the RAM available, packing only 256MB onto the board. Also, it’s without an Ethernet port which might make things a little more difficult for those who want an entertainment hub. The Model A will run at a lower power spec than the Model B, however, which might attract more hobbyists to the table.

The Raspberry Pi foundation have given us all wonderful news this morning that the Model A is now available for purchase. The downside is that you can only get it if you’re in Europe.

As far as distribution to the rest of the world is concerned, it shouldn’t be too long before the cheaper Model A is being stocked for Australia, America and Asia. It’s currently set to retail for $US25, but expect that to change for the local market.