The Shire Springs Up In Suburbia

The Shire Springs Up In Suburbia

The Stone House looks totally out of place amidst conventional homes in Hanoi, Vietnam. This building is what it would look like if a hobbit woke up one morning and suddenly the Shire had become suburbia and rows of houses had popped up around him.

But in reality, it’s the other way around. The designer — Vo Trong Nghia — didn’t want to build something that looked like all of the other plaster and concrete structures in the area. So he took a left turn and hatched this incredible spiral house out of his brain.

Rooms are arranged in an elliptical design, stacked on top of each other in little clusters surrounding the centre courtyard. The ceilings are slanted, so each room has a varying height. And the grass-covered roof and the pool and the tree help cool the place and keep energy consumption low.

The whole house looks like it was specifically made for Bilbo Baggins and family.