The PlayStation 4 Will Probably Support 4K Games

4K content is still pretty scarce, but today's PlayStation 4 announcement may yet pay dividends for owners of super-swanky TVs.

Sony today announced the PlayStation 4 to global fanfare, showing off a swathe of new games from the world's largest studios, right down to our favourite indie developers.

One of the most interesting things for pixel peekers came after the event, however, when press materials for the games demonstrated went up on the web.

Killzone: Shadow Fall has given us an interesting insight into the resolution capabilities of the PS4.

Zal tipped us off this afternoon to the fact that all of the game's screenshots are in 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160.

This might just be because Guerilla Games want its screenshots to look pretty, but it does specify on the blog post that the shots are taken from in-game footage.

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    Its called up scaling. It wont natively render 4k content unless the game is pretty poor to begin with. Any AA title will be rendered at 720p and upscaled just like the current gen consoles (even though the current gen sometimes cant even manage 720p and are rendered even lower). The PS4 is no where near powerful enough to do native 4k rendering.

      Pray tell, how do you know it's going to be no higher than 720p?

        Because the system specs of the PS4 cant support 4k rendering. Even with the latest and greatest graphics cards its difficult in PC's how is 2 year old tech in the PS4 going to do any better? You need to do crossfire or SLI to get the power required and Im sorry the PS4 is a glorified PC with only 2.2gb of vid memory on a signle GPU. 4K textures will eat that in a blink and grind the system a slidshow.

          When we're talking about 4k, I agree with you. They've confirmed it actually, no 4k. You can play media in 4k, but not games.

          But what's stopping them from running stuff in 1080p natively?

            The fact they want to maintain a steady frame rate what ever that might be, Today its 30fps on PS3 and Xbox on the PS4 they might want to bump that to 60fps for the sake of and improved perception of smoothness. I find it hard to believe that with AA titles like crysis and bf3 they could maintain this minimum frame rate while outputting rendered 1080p content without sacrificing the game in some way (lower settings etc)

      You sir deserve a cookie! Your right on the money. I think the PS4 will natively run 1080p content though, but to squeeze more life out of games as time goes on will revert to 720p.

    Hey, that's me!

      Yep... On your knees again I see ....

        Nice... nice..

        But I meant I'm the tippster

    Here is the reason we didn't see the box, they're figuring out the inputs for 4k tv's as their isn't a universal standard yet. You heard it here first!

    Yeah - not going to happen. Its like how the PS3 can technically output 1080 content, but its all 720p because there are better things to do with the processors. It'll probably be theoretically able to output 4k content, but there won't actually be any.

    Unless there plan is for streaming to become the main method of distribution, which just won't work here in the short term.

    "in-game footage" Yeah but running on a $4000 PC.

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