The Best Google Glasses Analogy Yet

Google Glasses might be a neat version of the future, but they're also awkward and unnecessary. You know, kind of like a Segway?

From what we can see from the new video of the UI Google just released, they could be really cool. But ultimately, it's hard to envision a future where Google Glasses are practical. Hey, we were awed by Segways once upon a time too. And then they became the vehicle of choice of Paul Blart, Mall Cops everywhere. [@PaleoFuture]


    I like @MyfWarhurst's version better: Google glasses are the new bluetooth headsets.

    the technology is great. it's rather a shame apple haven't gone first on this tech to show them how to not make it so ultra-nerdy. i mean if your technology makes gillard look MORE nerdy, then you've clearly made mistakes somewhere.

    Have you actually used Google Glasses or are you just displaying a Luddite mentality? A search of Matt Novak's blog reveals that he's probably never used Google Glasses either.

      it's possible he's never worn a segway on his face too.

    It's like when tablets were first introduced, like the Pencept, Newton and Microsoft Tablet PC. The idea was there but the technology wasn't ready. What about contact lenses that connect to your phone that do what these glasses do.

    I think the comparison between the segway and google glasses is way off the mark, mainly because of the competition and function of each.
    With the segway, there was already bicycles, skateboards, scooters (with and without motors), roller skates, roller blades, unicycles, cars, and everyone's old favorite transport option: walking. Certainly the segway was kind of cool. It had two wheels and didn't fall over! Woo! However, the glut of alternatives and the very high price meant that the segway was clearly a luxury item.

    Google glasses are unlike this. First, it is unclear what (if anything) they replace. In some ways, they can perform some functions of a modern phone (looking up data, taking video, etc.) but without actually needing to pull out a phone - and indeed, hands free. Really, I think the comparison to bluetooth earpieces is indeed the most apt. And like bluetooth earpieces, if you walk around wearing them all the time people will think you're a loser.

      I reckon the analogy is pretty good. Both are technologies that although unnecessary, will make life slightly easier, and in the process cause a lot of people to stack face first

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    Say you're atop a 40 story building trouble shooting a new class of heat exchanger and both your hands are busy, maybe you'd like your Segway to tell you where to start.

    Segways, they're not just for bungee jumping anymore!

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