Taking Notes Will Feel A Lot More Biblical On Paper Made Of Stone

Recycling is great, but it would nice if trees didn't have to be involved at all in paper production. More oxygen, more animal hangouts, good stuff. The Italian notebook maker Ogami agrees, so they've developed a line of paper products made out of rocks.

Ogami's paper, called "REPAP," is made by binding calcium carbonate (basically ground up limestone) and non-toxic resins. The result is a white, smooth paper that can fold like wood pulp paper, but doesn't rip. The process for making REPAP has a low environmental impact because there's no need to use bleaches or dyes to make the paper whiter, and the technique doesn't even use water.

REPAP products are about the price of a Moleskine, ranging from $US15-$30, but carving something in stone gives it a lot more gravitas, don't you think? [Ogami via Werd]

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