SwiftKey 4 Adds Flow So You Never Have To Stop Typing

SwiftKey 4 is the latest version of one of the best Android replacement keyboards. The update introduces "Flow", or swipe to type, new gestures and word prediction for 60 languages.

Flow is a that feature lets you slide your finger to the space bar, rather than lifting it and pausing while you're typing a sentence. The refresh also gives easier corrections, and pays attention to your own typing habits, to adjust prediction accordingly.

SwiftKey 4 comes in tablet and smartphone flavours, and it's on sale for $2 (down from the usual $4) for new users. The update is free if you're already using SwiftKey 3. [SwiftKey 4 for tablets, SwiftKey 4 for smartphones]


    Is anyone else having issues using the Australian Language setting? It downloads but then says it can't install it. Using a nexus 4

      fuckin' workin' sweet-o for me cobber, like a bought one!

      Failed to install for me on a One X as well, but a restart fixed this..

    serious question though- how do you do a double letter (like "p-o-o-r") using swipe?

    oops, it's not called swipe, it's called "flow". my mistake.

      From the looks of the video, you don't, when they typed hello they typed helo and it put in hello, so it has some intelligence around it, i guess if it doesn't work for some word, you'd have to type it in by tapping.

        ahh that might be my problem- I was literally trying to type "poor", but I also have a spanish language enabled so it kept auto completing to "por"...

      I don't own it (going to get it now, as that vid looks awesome), but would it happen to work the same way as swype? I.e. scribble/loop on a letter for a double.

      I tried double letters by staying little bit on that letter.. I dunno if thats really the way to do it..or its just the predictive text who's doing it.. Kudos for swiftkey for that.. By the way i posted this with flow.. And another amazing thing is that typing or rather FLOWING (haha) is that you don't have to be that accurate in typing with flow.. Even though i got a wrong letter it still guesses my words correctly

    What's the different between this and gesture typing that we have on Nexus 4?

      oh nvm, gesture typing doesn't support flow to spacebar lol. just tried that.

      It's funny I so love the gesture typing on my N4 and I keep doing it that to my 4 S hahah (so sad, common Apple let me do the swipe typing)

    I always have the problem of hitting other keys, and being in a rush to change the spelling. makes for some derro sms's lol maybe this would help. or are there any other things I can do?

    I don't have an Android device at the moment, so I can't check for myself, but how is this different from Swype?

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