Surface Pro Teardown: Don't Dream Of Taking This Thing Apart

Microsoft's Surface Pro may only have been released last week, but iFixit has already torn it apart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you don't wanna think about repairing or upgrading this thing, period.

iFixit counted a whole 90 screws that had to be removed to open the Surface Pro up completely as well as a whole bunch of adhesive to boot, eventually forcing it to award the device just 1 out of 10 for repairability. Once within it, they discovered upgrading would be fraught with danger — the SSD, for instance, is perilously close to a number of vital cables which could be easily damaged.

Other than being a tinkerer's nightmare, there are few surprises lurking within — though, intriguingly for a tablet, two fans are present to cool its guts. So, the main take-home is that even though the Surface Pro masquerades as a tablet-come-laptop, it's rather more of a tablet when it comes to repairability. Take it apart at your peril. [iFixit via The Verge]



    That's a shame, but maybe they did that for the strength. It's surprisingly strong isn't it?

      After seeing this, I did wonder if it's the screen adhesive that helps absorb impact in drop tests. The RT version seems pretty indestructible compared to everything else. Unlike the Pro, the back separates form a screen mount on the RT, so that adhesive didn't cause the same issues.

        I like it! So far I've only seen strong screens because they are mounted to plastic or spring steel or something similar that absorbs the impact, but using a thick layer of goo? That's gold.

    Its defiantly a shame, But at the same time it all needs to be as small as they can get it so that's why things are all close together. Its not made to be upgradable cause they would loose to much money. Im sure most ultrabooks are just as bad.

    I'd still give it a shot, 90 screws is nothing, cables might be an issue, but take my time and be patient should be good.

    hmmm yet another column with misleading info.
    "PSA: The Windows 8 operating system chows down a fair chunk of the 64 GB total storage. After negating 30+ GB for the operating system, the full MS Office suite that you may not have even activated, as well as the factory restore image, the Surface Pro provides users with around 29 GB of usable space.

    128 GB-outfitted owners make do with 89 GB of free space. Ed Bott performed some tests comparing it to the 128 GB MacBook Air, which has 99.5 GB free space."

    when in fact

    "The MacBook Air 128 gives you 83.4 percent of the advertised storage space for user data. The Surface Pro 128 gives you 75.2 percent of its advertised capacity for storing data. And with one minor tweak that doesn’t affect the system’s capabilities in any way, you can increase the amount of data storage space on the Surface Pro to 81.8% of the advertised capacity."

    Last edited 14/02/13 12:33 pm

      Are you on crack? Where is that in the article?

        which part mate? cos they are both copy and pasted extracts from the source article and then the one i linked.

        unless you didnt read the source articles? then if so i see your confusion, and relise you must be indeed the one on crack.

        Last edited 14/02/13 2:40 pm

          Yes, but why even post it in a comment? It has nothing to do with this article.

            its everything thing to do with the article, its taken directly from the article and is misleading and incorrect information, how can you trust something written by someone who doesn't actually check the facts they post for accuracy?

    So there you go, if you want a 256gb Surface, it'll just cost you an extra couple of hundred for the SSD, your warranty, and the chance your surface might not ever sit together as well as it originally did ever again :p

    @dnr - If they are all the same size, that's all well and good. But imagine 90 screws at different sizes & having to line all 90 up on a template without knocking a bunch over!

      one of my first jobs when i was a kid, was at a laptop assemly line, building screw mudmaps is engraved in my brain, scarred almost lol

    I don't think its glue holding that thing together, it's bloatware.

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