Sunrise: The Forces Of Many Apps Unite For A Better Calendar

There are a lot of productivity apps that say they'll make your life easier, but don't actually do anything for you. Sunrise is a new calendar app that actually streamlines scheduling for you.

What does it do?

It pulls in your schedules from your Google and Facebook accounts into one gorgeously designed calendar.

Why do we like it?

Yes, Sunrise does a lot of what you can get in the stock iOS apps. But it does it better. You see your day, event by event, with summary of what the weather is supposed to be like morning, afternoon, and evening. Click on a specific appointment to see more details. If the location is included, Sunrise will pull up directions from Google Maps (not Apple Maps, like its stock iOS counterpart would). If the location changes, Sunrise will automatically update. It also grabs birthdays from Facebook, and if you want to send some love to the person celebrating, you can post on his or her wall or send a text without leaving the app. It is absolutely a better calendar app than the default iOS app. It's something you'll actually use.

Sunrise Calendar

Download this app for: iPhone (free) The best part: uses Google Maps The worst part: doesn't pull in iCloud calendar



    Damn, this would be great if it supported exchange calendars out of the box :(

    The worst part: doesn't pull in iCloud calendar.... or any other mainstream calendar, like outlook (hotmail) or MS exchange

      so basically a standalone calendar - completely useless if it doesn't integrate with my exchange calendar...

    This is consider the app of the day. I would rather one of the "breaking wind" apps be an app of the day over this. Examples of reviews on iTunes:

    "NO NO NO NO AND NO. Any app that requires me to use it only if I sign into Facebook gets an auto deleteā€¦. "

    "Require Facebook? - Fail! You shouldn't hype a product about working with Google and then REQUIRE Facebook to use it! Very stupid! Not everybody uses Facebook!!! If I could give negative stars I would just for this fact alone! LAME!"

    "There are a lot"
    You lost me after the shitty grammar.
    Honestly, it worries me when even journalists can't get that right.

      Get off your high-horse and find a resolved discussion on that grammatical conundrum. You will find none.

      If you're talking about a singular "lot" then sure, you'd say "there is a lot", and with two or more lots you'd say "there are lots".

      On the other hand, "a lot of" is usually equated to "many", and you would definitely say "there are many productivity apps".

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