Stay Cool But Lost With This Spherical Mapless Globe Fan

Idea International's new Aero Sphere isn't quite poised to shake up the fan industry like Dyson's bladeless offering did. But it still manages to stand out in a boring and crowded market with a spherical teardrop honeycomb design that's as functional as it is eye candy.

The protruding teardrop on the back of the Aero Sphere lets the fan be used with or without its stand — preventing it from rolling around when placed on the floor. And the honeycomb design supposedly helps to stabilise the breeze from the spinning blades inside, allowing it to travel further across a room for more effective cooling. While no where near as expensive as Dyson's Air Multiplier, the Aero Sphere will still set you back over $90, not including the probable import fees needed to get one outside of Japan.

[Idea International via Akihabara News]

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