Spy On London With This Record-Shattering 320-Gigapixel Panorama

Supposedly a picture is worth a thousand words, but this crazy 320-gigapixel panorama of London has got to be worth a little more than that. This record-shattering shot is actually some 48,640 stitched together into one ludicrous goliath. You wish your camera was even one one-hundredth as cool.

The image was shot from atop London's BT Tower using an array of 7 Canon EOS 7Ds shooting in all directions to create an interactive panorama you could click-and-drag around in for hours. You really have to see it for yourself to get a feel for the scope, but if you were to print the whole thing out at a standard resolution, it'd measure 98m by 24m, or almost as long as a football field and half the width.

The last record contender was a 80-gigapixel sucker. Impressive, but nothing compared to this monster, which took weeks to stitch together into its final form. Sure, 2.6-gigapixel panoramas from the tallest tower in the world and 1.8-gigapixel drone shots are still breathtaking, but this is just insane. Check it out. [Engadget, Petapixel]

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