Sony: MiniDisc Is (Finally) Dead

While rumours have suggested it in the past, it's now official: after years of complete and utter redundancy, Sony is finally killing off the MiniDisc.

Sony has announced that it will ship its last MiniDisc player in March 2013. The biggest question it raises of course is: who the hell is still buying these things? Assuming they're not being piled up in a warehouse for eternity, presumably some poor guy is buying a shiny MiniDisc player, right now, as if it's the Next Big Thing.

Launched all the way back in 1992, the optical format squeezed music into what was then a tiny and secure little package. A shame then that they were cripplingly expensive and that barely anyone released music using the format. Despite such trouble, and the dawn of MP3 and iPod, MiniDisc carved out an amazing 21-year life for itself. Rest in peace, MiniDisc. [Ashai via Engadget]

Picture: TomPageNet/Flickr

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