Smartphone Bow Turns Your Handset Into An Archery Simulator

Securing at least an honourable mention for the most over-the-top smartphone accessory, the BowBlade promises to turn aspiring iOS and Android archers into modern day Robin Hoods (or, sigh, Katniss Everdeens) who are never in risk of accidentally sending an arrow flying dangerously off-target.

The rectangular bow uses flexible, swappable blades instead of a taut string so it's easier to draw and fire while still providing a good amount of resistance for a workout. And it also reduces the risk of injury for those whose only archery experience is Nerf weaponry.

A smartphone mount and a string-activated stylus allow the $US185 version of the BowBlade to be used for gaming with augmented reality archery titles. But a $US200 exercise version with stiffer blades is also available for those who care more about their figure than a high score ranking. [BowBlade via Wired]

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