Scientists Find Lost Continent In The Indian Ocean

Scientists have found proof of a sunken continent in the Indian Ocean. According to a study published in Nature Geoscience, the continent "was separated from Madagascar and fragmented into a ribbon-like configuration by a series of mid-ocean ridge jumps during the opening of the Mascarene ocean basin."

No, its name is not Atlantis. According to the team's investigation, the continent existed between India and Madagascar before it was lost to the ocean between 83.5 million and 61 million years ago.

The researchers came to this conclusion after finding zircons more than 1971 million years old on the beach of Mauritius:

The zircons were assimilated from ancient fragments of continental lithosphere beneath Mauritius, and were brought to the surface by plume-related lavas.

The scientists used this information and plate tectonic reconstruction to map the continent, which was a slice of land that they called Mauritia. According to the scientists, Mauritius and the Mascarene Plateau "may overlie [this] Precambrian microcontinent", located 10km under the surface. [Nature Geoscience via BBC News]

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    Is that supposed to be 1 Billion 971 Million years old?

      No I think it is meant to be 71 million years, Jesus accidentally added the 19.

    I'm not sure i'd call it a continent, but it's plainly visible on Google Maps. How much research money did it consume? Some scientists are idiots. And going by this, New Zealand is now 2 "Continents".

    Sounds like the stuff of legends:

    I wondfer if they met any friendly crustaceans?

    the nature article actually says 1,971 million years, which would indeed be 1 billion 971 million years old as roachless first indicated.

    There's a mythical city off the coast of India that was the home of Krishna called Dwarka, it was consumed by the waves in their legends, few believed it was actually true until it was discovered in recent years

    Something big definitely happened at the end of the last ice age, all the mammoths died out, asians migrated into the americas, it also seems to be when egypt was flooded which left water erosion on the sphinx. You have all the tales of flooding in the myths of practically every people. Maybe our myths carry more truth than we would like to accept.

    I wonder how many other civilizations perished over the millions of years before that. There's no way the sumerian civilization sprung up in the middle east without foundations from prehistory.

    Somehow we can determine a whole subspecies of human existed from a single jaw fragment, imagine how much of the fossil record and prehistory is missing, and then you realise how much we don't know.

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