Samsung Has A Teaser For Its Superbowl Ad

It's not just movie trailers that have teasers these days. Right now you can watch a teaser clip for Samsung's superbowl ad directed by Jon Favreau of Iron Man fame and starring Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

You may or may not know that the term "Superbowl" is actually trademarked and copyrighted in the same way "the Olympic Games" is. That means that someone could actually be taken to court for saying it in connection with their product. This makes it particularly hard for Samsung, who has just put out its ad for "the big game".

It does a good job of mentioning the big game, but I'll be damned if I know what Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd are on about.

I prefer playing a little game called spot the celebrity in Samsung's last Superbowl ad.

[9to5 Google]



    lel Miranda Kerr

    This is quite a good ad, its light hearted and not actually selling a product. It's selling the brand to us instead. The lawsuit mentioned and "who's gonna sue us? - everyone and anyone?" said puzzlingly was great! It was obviously a little indirect stab at Apple. The end part with the hashtag, which Samsung really do care about but in this ad act like they dont is great too!

    It's a great move for Samsung. Get some mileage out of apples frivolous lawsuits

    good ad too

    Never ending source of joy watching Apple fanboys trying to get their tablet and keyboards working properly XD

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