Samsung Galaxy S IV Confirmed: Coming March 14

There have been rumours that Samsung's new flagship Galaxy phone was not one for Mobile World Congress — that it would instead have its own gala at 7pm EST on March 14 (10am AEDT on March 15). Samsung has made it official. Get ready.

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung Electronics' mobile division chief J.K. Shin was quoted by Edaily as saying:

"We introduced the Galaxy S III in London last year, and this time we changed the venue (to New York)... as we were bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country."

And Samsung's Twitter account has backed that up with a tweet, teasing a "Samsung Unpacked" event for March 14 in New York City where the "next Galaxy" will be revealed.



    So we'll know in a few weeks time if there's anything startling new in the smartphone world or if its just another incremental improvement. Improvement is of course good but I'd like something more every now and then.

      Im more than happy with this. My SGS2 contract ends Feb 14 2014, which should be almost in time for the SGS5!!! :D

      I figure 3 generations of 'smart' phone should be enough to warrant an upgrade. Mine doesn't even have 4g. By then I'll at least see SOME sort of difference I hope.

        Heh. My SGS contract is running out next month and I'm getting this. :D

          Since the whole yearly smartphone thing, I've adopted the ideal that its best to wait 2 - 3 generations between phones, because quite frankly as Apples gone and shown us, 1 generation just isn't enough to show true advancement. You need at least 2 to start seeing it.

      I would argue that the jump from the SII to SIII was pretty huge.

    Why are these phones now released yearly?

      they always have been released yearly, its also to compete with the iphone.

        To compete with the iPhone? Android is way ahead buddy. Check your facts, also nice name, you one of those idiots who loves Zyzz?

          I don't think he was saying it wasn't, (personally I haven't had amazing experiences with android, but I won't get into that).

          I think he's referring to the fact that the iphone is pretty much on a yearly release cycle, and being as popular as it is other manufacturers are releasing yearly too so it doesn't appear (to your everyday person who doesn't know/care about specs) that they're falling behind or that their phones are not as good (because they're 'old' or 'out of date').

          lmao, someone just made a fool of themselves.

            Made a fool of myself? However will I recover from all these dislikes on the internet!! Maximum overload!

      Yeah they should release them monthly and just change one thing each time. Who cares how often they release stuff, people are dumb.

      Well that escalated...

      Jesus, sorry for asking.

    could we see the likes of the S-Beam innovation pushing into this handset (IV)?
    READY 4 THE SHOW + S-Beam = IV?

    Bummer, just bought a S3 a few months ago after using a 10 year old Nokia 3315. Oh well, still happy with it and I'll probably wait another 10 years before I update again.

      An S3 will in no way/shape/form outlive your Nokia 3315. Those Nokia's never say die!

        No kidding! I put that 3315 through hell and back and it still kept soldiering on. With my S3, I feel I need to babysit it 24/7 in case a gust of wind comes along.

          Indeed. My father once dropped his 3315 in redland bay. The ocean. I grabbed it with our long handle net luckily. It was in the water for around 10 seconds, the damn thing STILL works perfectly, nothing wrong with it at all.

          That's one tough bastard of a phone.

            no that just means its waterproof to 10m

            there isnt much electronics in them to fail.

            modern phones have large lcd displays, a plethora of transistors and chips etc etc

            more componnents, more exposure to failure.

            scaled to proportion. failure rate is the same. Biggest issue with modern phones is the software if anything

              Then why did my old nokia 2100 die when I dropped it in the basin while shaving? WHY I ASK YOU WHY!?

                because the logo on the front said MOKIA

                  But my Ramsung Malaxy is for real I swear! I always buy authentic! Check out my Skony TV and my Picrosoft Laystation!

                i see we shop at the same bali market stall then

    That's it....Galaxy S3 owners.....No more updates for you.....

      Nope - 4.2 will be released for the S3 after this event. Given the number of S3's out there I bet it will be supported for some time yet.

    If the screen gets any bigger...... I won't be a happy camper.

      rumour has it at a 5" 1080p screen.
      They have the Notes and tablets for larger screens. I think the smartphone market has settled on some standard sizes now.

      You have seen the 8" Galaxy Note going around....

      When a phone gets too big for a normal trouser pocket, that's I think where you go a bit too far!

        The 8" note is a tablet.

          That you can make phone calls from

            This is hardly a new thing. Galaxy Tab 1 with 3g you could too...


        Maybe Samsung is saying that it's not the phone that's too big, it's just your trouser pockets are too small...

      What if the screen is bigger, but the shell is still the same size.

    Interesting to see if there are any real leaps forward. I'd like to see dual sim, pressure and temperature sensors and an IR blaster like the new HTC has.

      wireless charging would also be on my wishlist.
      and if it could hold a charge longer than my S2, id be very happy.

        Yes that too but it's a little known fact that the S3 already has wireless charging.
        I hope if they do implement it, that they don't go the whole "sealed" phone like goggle did with the N4. I still want to be able to replace my battery or fix bits and pieces.
        I guess if its a $350 phone like the N4 I could live with buying a new one if something broke, but the S3 is too expensive to replace the whole thing if your speaker dies.

    Wireless charging and 1080p screen is pretty much all I'd ask for on top of the existing S3. Apart from that, I really don't see a need to upgrade. I was considering grabbing the Nexus4 however since I've rooted my S3, I've not seen the need to buy another phone yet.

    HAHAHA, oh that's rich!

    Does this mean a price drop for the S III? I want to ditch my iPhone 4S but i still have 11 months to go on my plan.

    I doubt I will buy it. The SIII has a HUGE issue turning on by itself as you hold it while walking, stupid zero/thin bezels instead of a palm friendly shape. And the bigger problem, Touchwiz.

    All I want is a purge google experience for my phone with regular updates.

    Hopefully the nexus 5 will be LTE, hopefully the Nexus 7 mk II will have high quality specs. :(

      If you're bumping the power button, I'd hazard a guess that it's not turning on 'by itself'. Mine has never powered itself on except for incoming messages and calls.

      Then buy a nexus

      You heard of cyanogen mod? Takes like, 5 mins to install. Good bye touchwiz!

    I'm saving my cash for the SG XXIV which will apparently have built in lightsaber!!

      And iPhone will still have a four inch screen and no NFC. Still, it will look the same, as usual.

        but it will have ios 24 with a new apple search engine..thats like...revolutionary

    too soon!! Does not feel like I bought my S3 all that long ago, and I am still happy with it.

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